October 31, 2008
Friday, October 31
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D'Antoni curses Knicks fans
Mike D'Antoni had no time to enjoy his first victory as Knicks coach, because he was on the defensive yesterday after TV cameras caught him in a cursing fit while fans were chanting for banished Stephon Marbury to be put into the game. With some in the Garden crowd surprisingly chanting "We Want Steph" with 11:10 remaining in the fourth (others booed the chant), a stewing D'Antoni was caught on MSG Network cameras Wednesday in a tirade, mouthing: "You've got to be (bleeping) kidding me. You've got to be (bleeping) kidding me. What a bunch of (bleep) holes." Yesterday after practice, D'Antoni acknowledged his frustration with the Marbury chanters, showing how strongly he believes the lightning-rod point guard does not belong on the court. (New York Post)
Fox may re-assign sideline reporter
Fox is weighing whether to assign reporter Danyelle Sargent to more NFL games after an embarrassing mistake last week. During a taped interview with new 49ers coach Mike Singletary, Sargent said, "I hear your mentor Bill Walsh was one of the first phone calls you made when you found out you had the job." (Miami Herald)
Players survey rates coaches
Interesting piece in the New York Times this week: Last season, the players union hired the Wharton Sports Business Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania to conduct an unprecedented survey of players. The players were asked which active coach they would most like to play for and the answers were: Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts) followed by Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears) and Bill Belichick (New England Patriots). Herman Edwards (Chiefs) was fourth and Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers) fifth. Asked to name the coaches they would least like to play for, the players named Tom Coughlin (Giants), Eric Mangini (Jets), Jon Gruden (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Bobby Petrino (formerly of the Atlanta Falcons) and Belichick. A total of 1,440 players, or roughly 80 percent of those active in 2007, completed the study. The players also named the five worst organizations: (Oakland; Miami; Arizona; Cleveland; and Cincinnati) and the best (New England, Indianapolis, Dallas, Green Bay and Pittsburgh). (Kansas City Star)
Must-See Photo
Each year Browns fan Mike Rusch, who lives in California, gets together with boyhood friends from Cleveland and goes to a Browns game. This year they went online and paid $55 bucks apiece for this intimate look at Washington's FedEx Field. "Absolutely the worst seats I have ever sat in for anything," says Rusch. "I?ve been to baseball games, hockey games, soccer games in Europe. Nothing comes close. ... We pretty much watched the video feed all game." (Photo courtesy of Mike Rusch)
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It looks like Jason Kidd still has a little something left in the gas tank.
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Knicks at 76ers, 7 p.m. ET
New York Knicks
Philadelphia 76ers
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Tom Seaver
1973 -- Tom Seaver wins the NL Cy Young award.
1988 -- Colts beat Denver 55-23 in first Monday Night Football game played in Indianapolis.
1979 -- Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan wins the AL Cy Young award.
1968 -- In their sixth game, the Milwaukee Bucks win for the first tiem, topping Detroit 138-118.


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