November 26, 2008
Wednesday, November 26
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Sources: Weis buyout smaller than expected
During an interview Tuesday on WMVP-AM 1000, ESPN's Lee Corso said Notre Dame is stuck with coach Charlie Weis because of his buyout. "The entire Catholic Church doesn't have enough money to pay him off at $2.5 million for another seven years or whatever it is," Corso said. "So forget about it. The guy is going to be the football coach and they're just going to have to live with what they've got." But as a wise man once said: Not so fast, my friend. The common perception of Weis' buyout is not accurate. Multiple sources have told the Tribune the buyout, far smaller than believed, will not affect whether Notre Dame decides to fire Weis after Saturday's game at USC. One prominent alumnus called the amount "loose change." Whatever the case, a consensus is building among sources with ties to Notre Dame that Weis is in danger of being fired after four seasons. "He has built zero relationships at the school," one source said. "It has been all about him and his ego." (Chicago Tribune)
Giants kicker seeks presidential pardon
Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes wants one more unlikely victory in this Super Bowl year - and he's hoping the Bush administration can make it happen. Tynes, the hero of the NFC title game, seeks a White House order freeing his jailed brother Mark, a convicted drug trafficker doing 27 years. Lawrence Tynes acknowledges his older brother's guilt but believes the sentence is overly harsh Two factors are working against him: Bush has granted very few pardons or commutations. "This President has virtually ignored this power," said Prof. Dan Kobil, a pardon process expert at Capital University Law School in Columbus. "He's by far the stingiest pardoner." Second - and more problematic - is Mark Tynes' criminal history. He was saddled with a prior felony drug charge before his 2004 conviction as kingpin of a syndicate that transported 3,600 pounds of marijuana between Texas and Florida. Mark Tynes refused to cooperate with prosecutors - and his sentence was extended from 151 months to 324 months over allegations of witness intimidation. Without presidential help, Tynes isn't scheduled to leave prison until November 2026. (New York Daily News)
Angels to up Sabathia offer
When word leaked out of San Francisco that the Giants were interested in free-agent jewel CC Sabathia, not many clubs, the Yankees included, took it too seriously. Now, a week later the landscape has moved to Southern California, where the Angels are hinting they will make an offer to the left-handed pitcher, who has a six-year, $140 million offer from the Yankees. The Brewers, who Sabathia pitched into the postseason this past season by going 11-2 in 17 starts, reportedly have made a five-year, $100 million offer. An offer from the Angels would help Sabathia's decision. He isn't going to take $40 million less to play in Milwaukee. But though the Angels aren't expected to top the Yankees' offer, they would give Sabathia another option besides the Brewers. And they can sell the notion that the Angels with Sabathia, who was 17-10 overall with the Indians and Brewers, are closer to winning a World Series than the Yankees are with him. (Los Angeles Times)
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Marquette's Patrick Hazel and Texas Southern's Ricky Boyles battle for the basketball in an early season game.(AP)
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Warren Sapp put forth an honorable effort on Dancing With The Stars. He was awarded second place last night.
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NBA, 7:30 p.m. ET
Boston Celtics
Golden State Warriors
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