November 06, 2008
Thursday, November 6
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T.O. frustrated by Dallas' backup QBs
Terrell OWens said all the right things during Brad Johnson's butt-ugly stint as the Cowboys starting quarterback. However, now that Tony Romo is back, T.O. subtly pointed the finger at the backup quarterbacks for his sorry three-game stretch (12 catches, 100 yards, TD). "I can be frustrated but if I go out and talk about being frustrated, then it's another story," T.O. said. "For me, I just try to keep it in check and make the most of my opportunities. That's the only thing I can do. From here on out, all I can do is just run my routes and put what I do on film. If I'm open and I don't get the ball, then I don't get the ball. There's nothing really I can do. I can't throw and catch the ball myself. I can only just do what I can control."(Dallas Morning News)
McDyess a Cavalier?
This week's big trade between the Nuggets and Pistons only indirectly affected the Cavaliers. Or did it? While most fans are eager to see how All-Stars Chauncey Billups and Allen Iverson fit in with their new teams, league front office members are more focused on the immediate future of Antonio McDyess, and that likely includes the Cavs. Still a little concerned about their big man depth, the Cavs will likely make a pitch to McDyess if he becomes a free agent and they will probably not be alone. Other than the Pistons, who must wait 30 days to re-sign him under league rules, the Celtics and Spurs are among other teams that may be interested. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Snyder in line for K-State return?
Despite a respectable 16-18 overall record and the chance to qualify for a bowl game for the second time in three seasons, Ron Prince accepted his fate without lashing out. Meanwhile, Bob Krause painted a picture that K-State has a concrete, easy-to-implement plan to replace Prince. If I heard Krause correctly, K-State will try to have a new coach named before the end of the regular season. And when pressed on the issue, Krause indicated that none other than K-State legend Bill Snyder would be a candidate for the job. I'm serious. Three years after retiring, Bill Snyder could return to the sideline at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. That would be one explanation for Prince's demise being announced before he faced fellow Big 12 North cupcakes Nebraska and Iowa State. Or maybe Krause plans to tab Gary Barnett, Dennis Franchione, Lane Kiffin or some other out-of-work former head coach. Those choices aren't nearly as fascinating as Snyder returning. Prince's worst crime is fracturing the K-State family. His bold and daring personality turned off many Wildcats fans. His brave words promised a level of success that he delivered on just twice -- victories over Texas. K-State fans would've preferred less talk and victories over Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. That's the recipe that made Snyder a beloved figure. Wildcats fans adored his humility. (Kansas City Star)
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Los Angeles Clippers forward Tim Thomas, left, hits Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar in the face with the ball during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008, in Los Angeles. The Lakers won 106-88. (Photo courtesy of AP)
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This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Evander Holyfield
1966 -- Timmy Brown of the Eagles has kick return touchdowns of 93 and 90 yards in a 24-23 win over the Cowboys.
1981 -- Larry Holmes retains the heavyweight crown with an 11th round knockout of Renaldo Snipes.
1992 -- Manon Rheaume becomes the first woman to be in uniform for a regular-season professional hockey game, though she never plays in the IHL contest.
1993 -- Evander Holyfield regains the heavyweight crown by defeating Riddick Bowe in a fight interrupted by a parachutist landing at ringside.


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