July 08, 2008
Tuesday, July 8
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Truth & Rumors
Sox discussed adding Bonds
ESPN's Peter Gammons said on Sunday night's Red Sox-Yankees game broadcast that the Red Sox have had "internal discussions" about Barry Bonds, but he considers a workout for the 43-year-old free agent unlikely. Red Sox pitcher and vocal Bonds critic Curt Schilling, who is out for the season, Monday morning on Boston sports radio station WEEI called the possibility of Bonds coming to Boston for the stretch run "three months of a PR nightmare." More from Schilling: "That would be an eye-opener for sure. I know Barry said in the past that he hates the city of Boston. I really don't know. I hadn't thought about that one, I didn't think that was on the radar." (Boston Globe)
NHL eyes Yankee Stadium
The Yankees were on board. The city was on board. And the NHL wanted to do it. But myriad logistical problems made it too costly and too difficult for the NHL to stage the next Winter Classic as the closing act at Yankee Stadium. Still, if the NHL won't be making history by closing the old ballpark, it could well wind up staging the first non-baseball sporting event in the new one. The Daily News has learned that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Yankees COO Lonn Trost and mayor Mike Bloomberg concluded their discussions on the topic recently with each pledging their interest in playing a Winter Classic in the new Yankee Stadium - perhaps on New Year's Day 2010. (New York Daily News)
Favre won't fly in Carolina
Brett Favre to the Carolina Panthers? Ridiculous. This is Jake Delhomme's team. As great as Favre has been in Green Bay, the Panthers don't need the distraction. His presence would be overshadowing, and far more disruptive than any benefit. About the only sure benefit would be publicity. To pursue Favre would be irresponsible desperation. The Panthers desperately want to win the Super Bowl, but there is plenty enough wisdom among the folks calling the shots to know to stay far, far away from Favre. He might fit with some team if he really plays again, but not the Panthers. Carolina doesn't need No.4. The jersey number isn't even available. John Kasay has been wearing it since the team's 1995 debut. (Charlotte Observer)
Must-See Photo
Derek Lowe (left) bows in appreciation of Hiroki Kuroda's one-hit, complete-game performance in the Dodgers' 3-0 win over the Braves on Monday night. (Getty Images/Stephen Dunn)
Must-See Video
"Insane Wiffle Ball Pitches"
Game To Watch
Rockies at Brewers, 8:05 p.m. -- CC Sabathia's debut
Colorado Rockies
Milwaukee Brewers
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Boris Becker
1946 -- Major League Baseball grants $5,000 minimum salary for players
1985 -- Boris Becker wins Wimbledon title at age 17
1991 -- Major league umpire Steve Palermo and former NFL defensive lineman Terence Mann were shot trying to help two waitresses from being robbed

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