July 28, 2008
Monday, July 28
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Steelers Pro Bowler, coach at odds
The philosophies of Mike Tomlin and Casey Hampton clashed yesterday, prompting the Steelers coach to prohibit his Pro Bowl nose tackle from joining his teammates on the training camp practice field until he gets in shape. Tomlin placed Hampton on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list after watching him labor through five of a required eight 100-yard jogs that were part of the players' conditioning test their first day at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. "He wasn't able to finish the test," Tomlin said. "He's overweight and he's not conditioned enough to participate at this point." Tomlin said when he determines Hampton is in shape, he'll take him off the PUP list and allow him to practice. "I could be in better shape," said Hampton, who the Steelers officially list on their roster at 325 pounds. "But my thing is the only way you can get into football shape is to play football. You can do all the running you want, know what I mean?" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Yanks playing chicken with Mariners
The Yankees' acquisition of Bobby Abreu went so well two years ago they are trying to recreate it now with Jarrod Washburn. The ploy works like this: The Yanks locate a player who fills a need, a very expensive player whose contract does not expire until after the following season. The player's current team badly wants to excise the contract. There is just one team, however, with the financial heft to absorb the money. So the Yanks say they will assume every penny, but in exchange will give up marginal prospects, at best. The Yanks have told Seattle they will take on the $13 million-plus left on Washburn through next year, but to do that the Mariners will get no better than a Grade C-type prospect. For now, Seattle is refusing that offer. A game of chicken is ongoing, and all indications are the Yanks will see if the Mariners blink at the deadline as the Phillies did in 2006. (New York Post)
Big East courting Army and Navy
It has taken five years for the aftershocks of the ACC's raid on the Big East to subside. Now the league that commissioner Mike Tranghese rebuilt seems rock solid. So what's next for the league? Expansion. The Post has learned that the Big East has explored deals with Army and Navy in football. The concept is for each of the service academies to play four Big East opponents each season on a rotating basis. A ninth member, even limited partners such as Army and Navy (both have a significant TV following) would give league members eight league games. That would allow the flexibility of four non-conference games so teams could pursue non-conference rivals such as Pittsburgh and Penn State. Army and Navy initially rejected the idea of a Big East association but because both are independents, that could change. (New York Post)
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Supporters of Manchester United and Portsmouth FC watch side by side their friendly soccer match in Abuja, Nigeria, on Sunday. Manchester United won the match 2-1. (AP Photo/George Osodi)
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Little Leaguer flashes some leather.
Game To Watch
Cubs at Brewers, 8:05 p.m. ET -- The NL Central's top two teams open a four-game series.
Chicago Cubs
Milwaukee Brewers
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