August 05, 2008
Tuesday, August 5
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Truth & Rumors
FBI, MLB investigating Yankees scouts
Several Yankees employees who scouted in the Dominican Republic have been placed on leave by the organization pending an investigation by Major League Baseball into the signing of prospects, according to a person in baseball who has been briefed on the matter. Major League Baseball and the F.B.I. are investigating whether club employees paid players small portions of bonuses they reported to baseball and kept the difference for themselves. The Yankees are among the six to eight teams that are being looked at as part of the investigation, the person said. (New York Times)
Favre, Packers feeling each other out
If anything could be derived from the length of the face-to-face meeting Monday between Brett Favre and Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy, it is that the reunion between the legend and his team is far from a done deal. A club source said that going into the meeting, McCarthy wanted to find out whether Favre really wanted to play football again and, if he didn't, convince him it wouldn't be in his best interest to take part in training camp. It is Favre's indecision through the whole process of coming out of retirement that has led McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson in part to think they are better off going with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback. McCarthy wanted to get Favre alone, away from the influences of family and friends, to find out his commitment to playing the game. A source said he thought that sitting face to face and looking Favre in the eye would tell him a lot about Favre's commitment to play an 18th year in the National Football League. The two were still talking late into the evening, more than five hours after the meeting began. At the same time McCarthy was sizing up Favre, the quarterback apparently was sizing up the coach. According to former Packers quarterbacks coach Steve Mariucci, a close friend of Favre's, Favre wanted to see whether McCarthy was serious about allowing him to compete for the starting quarterback job. Favre might be wondering whether the competition with Rodgers that he was promised would be legitimate.(Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
Do-or-die season for Willingham?
Tyrone Willingham was nearing the end of media day, aka The Hope Fest, when he encountered a question most pertinent to his future. "Do you think this team will be in a bowl game this year?" Willingham responded unblinkingly. "Yes." With practice under way, we can now unveil the inescapable theme of the 2008 Huskies season: Do Or Ty Die. Grab your magnifying glasses. Scrutinize the coach more than ever, if that's possible. This is the year everything becomes clear. We'll be examining Willingham, but he's not the most important figure in this fight. Ultimately, the coach's fate lies with the snotty-nosed young talent on this roster. If we don't agree on whether Willingham has had enough time to build a winner, we can concur with this certainty: In a must-win year, the Huskies are a great mystery, a team entangled by ability and inexperience. And it will take an extraordinary effort to accelerate this team's growth. So before wondering whether the Huskies will make a bowl, you must first ask if enough of those highly regarded sophomores and freshmen will play beyond their maturity levels. "We have to play older," Willingham admitted Monday. (Seattle Times)
Must-See Photo
The Rangers' Marlon Byrd leaps onto home plate as the team waits to congratulate him following his walkoff grand slam against New York Yankees relief pitcher Damaso Marte on Monday in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
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Blowing a lead has never been so funny.
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Dodgers at Cardinals, 8:15 p.m. ET
L.A. Dodgers
St. Louis Cardinals
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Steve Carlton
1986 -- Steve Carlton becomes the second pitcher in history to record 4,000 strikeouts.
1963 -- Craig Breedlove sets world auto speed record of 407.45 mph.
1921 -- Pirates beat Phillies 8-0 in first baseball game broadcast on radio (KDKA in Pittsburgh).

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