June 18, 2008
Wednesday, June 18
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Cuban rips NBA Olympians
Mark Cuban has been articulate and consistent in his criticism of an Olympic model he considers hypocritical. His objections aren't muted now that two of his stars could compete in the Games this summer. Sources said Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd is part of the U.S. team that will attempt to reclaim the gold medal it lost four years ago. Dirk Nowitzki will be in Beijing as well if his German national team emerges from a qualifying tournament next month. "It's not that I don't like the idea of them representing their countries," Cuban said by e-mail. "If the Olympics were truly a nationalistic endeavor built on sport and part of the public domain, I would be willing to take risk and support their playing. What I don't like is that we lie to ourselves and pretend that the Olympians represent our country. "They don't. They have taken relatively low paying jobs working for the Olympics, who in turn sell the broadcast and marketing rights for billions of dollars in profits, all the while creating enormous risk for those of us who pay them for their day jobs that support their families. It's amazing how players who are free agents won't participate, but those with guaranteed contracts will. "I hate the fact that we lie to ourselves and pretend this is about representing country," Cuban said. "It's not. It's about money." (Dallas Morning News)
Inside Randolph's firing
Why did the Mets -- Omar Minaya -- allow Willie Randolph, one of the truly class individuals in baseball, to fly 3,000 miles across the country, allow him to manage a game, then fire him around midnight? On Sunday, Randolph said, he asked Minaya to pull the trigger if that's what he had in mind. "I actually asked him," Randolph said, "I said: 'Omar, do this now. If you're going to do this, do this now. I know you've got a lot of pressure on you, but if I'm not the guy to lead this team, then don't let me get on this plane.' I did say that to him." Minaya said he had not made up his mind until Monday, and even if he had done so Sunday, he said, there was too much to coordinate: putting a new manager in place and flying the coaches from their minor league teams to California. But the major reason seemed to be Minaya's reluctance to make a good friend -- and his hire -- walk the plank. (New York Times)
Why Glenn wants out
Terry Glenn's relationship with the Cowboys is to the point where he would like to be released. Tension between the Cowboys and Glenn has been building since the team refused to let him take part in organized team activities because of his surgically repaired right knee. According to owner and general manager Jerry Jones, Glenn agreed to a $500,000 split salary should he re-injure his right knee. Should the knee hold up, Glenn would make the $1.74 million that his current contract calls for. Glenn said otherwise. "I was told that I would be released if I didn't sign [the split-salary agreement]," Glenn said. Glenn made $5.82 million last season but played in only one game plus the playoff game because of two knee surgeries. (Dallas Morning News)
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Paul Pierce reminds Celtics coach Doc Rivers that a championship isn't a championship without a Gatorade shower. (AP Photo)
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"The Great Office War"

The Great Office War - The funniest videos are a click away
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Mets carry on
New York Mets
Los Angeles Angels
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SI Vault: More Babe Ruth
1938 -- Babe Ruth signed as Dodgers coach
1947 -- Cincinnati Red Ewell Blackwell no-hits Boston Braves, 6-0
1972 -- Supreme Court upholds baseball's exemption from anti-trust laws
1994 -- Aleksander Popov swims world record 100m free style

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