May 29, 2008
Thursday, May 29
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NBA's double-talk on foul guidelines
Before the statement by the NBA late Wednesday, league spokesman Brian McIntyre said referees Joey Crawford, Joe Forte and Mark Wunderlich may have been following a league guideline in failing to make a call on Derek Fisher. "There is an explanation in the rule book," said McIntyre, "that there are times during games when the degree of certainty necessary to determine a foul involving physical contact is higher. That comes during impact time when the intensity has risen, especially at the end of a game. In other words, if you're going to call something then, be certain." Gregg Popovich has never heard of such an advisory in all his years of dealing with referees. "It's a very strange thing," said Popovich, also before the league's statement. "If you talk to an official, the official will tell you that the game is called at the end of the game exactly like it is during the meat of the game. That's their story and they're going to stand by it. In reality, personally, I don't think that's true and I can give a thousand examples that things are called differently down the stretch where I think most referees feel -- and I agree with them -- that things need to be more definitive before you're going to make a call." (Los Angeles Times)
Cowboys CB rips teammate Williams
During a Sunday night interview on Fox 4, cornerback Terence Newman said strong safety Roy Williams had a bad season in pass coverage and implied he needs to keep his weight down. Newman also said there have been times when Williams has had a deer-in-the-headlights reaction to some plays. On Wednesday, following an OTA session, Newman didn't back down from his comments. (Dallas Morning News
Guillen blasts Royals 'babies'
Veteran outfielder Jose Guillen snapped Wednesday night -- somebody had to, didn't they? -- after the Royals extended their losing streak to 10 games in stunning fashion by allowing a five-run lead to slip away in the ninth inning. "Too many babies in here," Guillen fumed afterward in an otherwise hushed clubhouse. "They don't know how to play the game and how to win games. That's the problem here. Now I know why this organization has been losing for a while. Now I know. It doesn't have anything to do with our manager. He cares more than anyone." (Kansas City Star)
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Celtics forward Paul Pierce looks for help as he is pressured by Pistons forward Jason Maxiell, center, and Pistons guard Richard Hamilton in the first half of Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals in Boston Wednesday. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
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Who knew dribbling a ball on stage could make so many people happy?
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Western Conference, Finals, Game 5
San Antonio Spurs
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