September 19, 2008
Friday, September 19
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Truth & Rumors
Schilling blasts 'disrespectful' Manny
Injured Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling said former teammate Manny Ramirez's behavior in Boston was a drain on his teammates and disrespectful to manager Terry Francona. Speaking on a Boston radio station Wednesday, Schilling said Ramirez's "level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable." Although he was the first Red Sox World Series MVP in franchise history, Ramirez caused more than his share of problems, with trade demands and nagging or phantom injuries that led him to ask out of the lineup. Schilling, who is close friends with Francona, said the manager had to play Ramirez because of his talent but it undermined the team's unity. (Associated Press)
Whispers: Is Marvin Harrison done?
Is Marvin Harrison done? Or at least reaching the point where he can see the finish line from his front porch? I still think it's way too early to write the epitaph on a Hall of Fame receiving career. But the whispers are starting. And the longer Harrison goes without having that Marvin-like breakout game, the louder the whispers will become, ultimately turning into howls. In the season opener against the Chicago Bears, Harrison had a relatively productive night, catching eight passes for 76 yards, but he lost a fumble that the Bears returned for a touchdown. In the victory over Minnesota, he had just one catch for 16 yards, although that one reception was an important one in the red zone. (Indianapolis Star)
Brewers-Giants trade brewing?
We may be in the heat of the pennant races, but the Giants' hot stove talk appears to be on fire. A lingering rumor was given new life Wednesday night. ESPN's Peter Gammons said the Giants could trade starting pitcher Matt Cain, 23, to the Brewers for first baseman Prince Fielder, 24, shortstop J.J. Hardy, 26, and another player. He didn't cite his source. (Sacramento Bee)
Must-See Photo
Double major winner Padraig Harrington of the European team plays the first shot of the 2008 Ryder Cup on Friday morning at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky. (Harry How/Getty Images)
Must-See Video
Colorado fans storm the field after last night's overtime win over No. 21 West Virginia.
Game To Watch
Twins at Rays, 7:10 p.m. ET -- Minnesota continues the postseason push against a potential playoff foe.
Minnesota Twins
Tampa Bay Rays
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Mark McGwire
1949 -- Ralph Kiner becomes the first National League player to hit 50 home runs in two different seasons.
1997 -- Mark McGwire becomes the first player in MLB history to hit 20 or more home runs for two teams in the same season.
1999 -- Sammy Sosa becomes the first major league player to hit 60 home runs twice.


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