October 20, 2008
Monday, October 20
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Winslow rips Browns GM
Browns tight end Kellen Winslow revealed to the Plain Dealer Sunday night that his previously undisclosed illness was a staph infection and that he's upset with the way General Manager Phil Savage handled that situation and others regarding him. He specifically said he feels he's been treated like a "piece of meat" and expressed dismay Savage didn't call while Winslow was in the Cleveland Clinic last week. He said he's also upset that the team wanted to keep the infection quiet and that they announced it was Winslow who didn't want it revealed. Savage declined comment in an email Sunday night. "Sorry, I can't help you tonight," he said. "There's obviously a problem [with staph] and we have to fix it," said Winslow. "Just look at the history around here. It's unfortunate, because it happens time and time again." The Browns have been vigilant about sanitizing their facility. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Is Oden's play overrated?
Greg Oden was mad, and he was mad at me. It was late last week, and I told the Trail Blazers' rookie center that I had to be honest: Through four exhibition games, I had been underwhelmed by his performance. Upon hearing this, Oden's eyes pierced. His lips tightened. And for a second, I thought my head was about to be squashed like a grape by the 7-foot, 273-pound center. "Are you mad I said that?" I asked. "Yeah," he said, sounding equally hurt and angry. I apologized, and it was a whole-hearted apology. Being at practice everyday, I understand what this 20-year-old is going through as far as expectations and attention go, and I had just added to it. "Every step," Oden said, shaking his head about the media. The attention and expectations appear to be weighing on Oden, stealing some of his charisma. I went on to tell Oden that for the greater part of the past month, teammates Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Steve Blake and Channing Frye, as well as general manager Kevin Pritchard and coach Nate McMillan had all gushed about Oden, telling me he was "special," "dominant," "a man-child" and "one-of-a-kind." But during Oden's first four exhibition games, anything outside of a dunk has looked awkward, hurried or forced. Most of his rebounds have been caught flat-footed, not snared out of the air. And for the most part he has often lumbered up and down the court. From everything I had heard, I thought I would be more "wowed." (The Oregonian)
Rangers: Better off without Avery?
Sean Avery returns to the Garden tonight as an anti-hero. Number 16 in the Stars' lineup understands that. What he does not understand, however, are implications from one-time teammates that the Rangers are better off without him. "If anyone feels that I was disruptive or had my own agenda, I wish those guys would have the [guts] to say it to my face," Avery told The Post by phone late last week. "I don't think I was disruptive or selfish. "All I did was give everything I had for the team, I don't think that was a question. If my [former] teammates feel that way about me, that would certainly be very disappointing. "I played hard for my teammates." Steve Valiquette and Brandon Dubinsky have been the two Rangers most outspoken in drawing a contrast between last year and this year. Valiquette has referenced "guys pulling in different directions." Dubinsky has cited "a lot of personal agendas." "I don't want to single out Sean, but there were conflicts of personalities in the workplace," Valiquette told The Post on Friday when asked if he had been referring to Avery. "Some friction can be constructive for a team, but there was too much of it last year and it had an adverse impact on our season. "Sean was great for us on the ice. I'll leave it at that." (New York Post)
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Akinori Iwamura celebrates with Cliff Floyd after the Rays defeated the Red Sox 3-1 in Game 7 of the ALCS. (Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Nets point guard Devin Harris gets hustled by London streetballer Stuart Tanner.
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Broncos at Patriots, 8:30 p.m. ET -- Denver has won 16 of the last 19 meetings between the two teams.
Denver Broncos
New England Patriots
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