May 01, 2008
Thursday, May 1
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Clemens linked to Daly's ex-wife
For Roger Clemens, the hits just keep on coming. Several sources told the Daily News Wednesday that Clemens had a relationship with Paulette Dean Daly, a former wife of champion golfer John Daly. The sources said Clemens, a married father of four, arranged trips to Anaheim Stadium for Daly -- the latest woman to emerge as an alleged Rocket flame -- to watch him pitch for the Yankees against the Angels. Sources also said he spent time with her in Palm Springs, Calif. She declined to elaborate on the nature of her relationship with the pitcher, but did not deny allegations from several sources that it was romantic and included financial support. Daly is still involved with the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic as an organizer of famously lavish parties there. News reports have described Clemens as being in attendance as recently as two years ago, dancing around the party with an 8-foot-long boa constrictor around his neck.
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Are Heat cool on Beasley at No. 1?
A scout for a team in the Eastern Conference thinks Miami has a real dilemma on its hands if it drafts first, even though it looks as if the Heat is point-guard challenged because Jason Williams is free-agent material, Marcus Banks still has some proving to do, and Chris Quinn probably is best suited as a reserve. "Miami is trying to take the pressure off Dwyane Wade from handling the ball, so [Derrick] Rose really, really would free him up from injuries and doing so much work," the scout said, "but it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense passing up Michael Beasley." The Heat, however, isn't exactly weak at forward with Shawn Marion and Udonis Haslem.
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Big Ben: I didn't influence draft
Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Sweed were drafted specifically to give Ben Roethlisberger even more options in the offense. But, probably not wanting to offend or disrespect any of his existing teammates, Roethlisberger wasn't exactly doing backflips or rubbing his hands in anticipation of training camp yesterday when asked his reaction to the two talented rookies who have been added to the roster. "It wasn't pressing for us because we already have [players at those positions]," Roethlisberger said. "It's to add depth, to add versatility."
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Junior left teammate hanging
There's in-car audio of Jeff Gordon expressing displeasure over how Dale Earnhardt Jr. handled a drafting opportunity in Sunday's Cup race. Gordon thought Earnhardt Jr. could have helped him out more, now that they're teammates. Gordon is probably right, and who knows, if you showed Earnhardt Jr. film of it after the fact he might even agree he hung his fellow Hendrick Motorsports driver out. Earnhardt Jr. could have been reacting to something in terms of how it impacted him and his car and made a move that might not have helped Gordon. Or, he simply might have made a mistake. Either way, again that's happening faster than you can imagine it. Not everybody's going to get it right every time, no matter what his good intentions might be.
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Wagner rips Mets teammate
Amid the rubble of a 13-1 loss to the last-place Pirates that started with Oliver Perez's second-inning meltdown, Billy Wagner said what many of his teammates appeared to be thinking about the left-hander. Wagner blasted Perez for lasting just 1 2/3 innings, matching his career low, against one of the worst teams in baseball. "Perez has honestly got to step up and know that we've just used every guy in our bullpen the night before," a visibly disgusted Wagner said. "He can't come out there and decide that, gee, he hasn't got it today and so be it." Asked if talking to Perez about his notoriously short attention span was like trying to talk to a wall, Wagner pointed his finger and said: "Pretty much."
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Avery played through ruptured spleen
Sean Avery is done for whatever remains of the season with a lacerated spleen he sustained during the first period of Tuesday's Game 3, 5-3 defeat, possibly as early as 3:30 into the match when he bounced off Brooks Orpik while attempting to ride the big defenseman into the rear wall. Yet, even though injured, Avery did not miss a shift all night. Avery complained of stomach pain during the first and second intermission, then also reported shoulder pain after the game. The medical team recognized the symptoms as indicative of an injury to the spleen. Avery is expected to make a full recovery over the next two months.
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A-Rod: Blame me for DL stint
Alex Rodriguez admitted it was a mistake trying to play last weekend in Cleveland with a right quadriceps injury. His penalty for that miscalculation is 15 days on the disabled list starting last night. "The curse of being a good healer is I thought I was ready in three days," said Rodriguez, who first sustained the injury in Baltimore. "I made it worse. But if you ask me if I could play tonight, I'll go out there tonight. I'll play until I'm dead." Rodriguez has a Grade 2 strain, but is confident he'll be activated in two weeks. He blames nobody but himself for his situation.
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Howard's behavior baffles Mavs
Josh Howard hasn't jeopardized his NBA career with one bad playoff series. But considering his questionable behavior, Mavericks officials might be wondering whether Howard is someone they want representing their franchise. Howard practically disappeared during the New Orleans series. After a loss in Game 4 on Sunday, Howard passed out fliers in the locker room inviting teammates to celebrate his 28th birthday at a Dallas nightclub, a source said. The Mavs were down, 3-1, in the best-of-7 series. Only a few players attended, the source said. But Avery Johnson confronted the players about the party the next day and canceled practice. The birthday party situation came two days after Howard went on a local radio show and discussed his off-season marijuana use.
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