May 19, 2008
Monday, May 19
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Tigers to tackle internal turmoil
Tigers manager Jim Leyland plans to meet today with president/general manager Dave Dombrowski. "We have a lot of issues to deal with right now," Leyland said. Leyland did not elaborate on the issues he planned to discuss, but some are obvious. One is Dontrelle Willis. He has had spotty control since spring training and walked four in his most recent rehab start. Armando Galarraga, who replaced him, has become the team's most consistent starter. Another issue is Gary Sheffield. Team officials have determined that persistent pain in his right shoulder will prevent him from playing leftfield on a regular basis.
NFL set to tackle hair issue again
Hair we go again. When NFL owners gather in Atlanta for a one-day business meeting Tuesday, one item on the agenda is the reintroduction of the Kansas City Chiefs' proposal that would prohibit players' hair from going over the name or number on the back of their jersey. Now the proposal is back, and with some more time to digest and discuss it, there seems to be more understanding among all involved. Mainly, players who might have been initially upset now realize the proposal wouldn't require them to cut their hair, just tuck it in their helmets. And the Chiefs have spread word that the proposal is not based on a safety issue, but strictly on the NFL's dress code -- just as a jersey must remain tucked in, and socks must be worn a certain way, they feel hair should be tucked in. So where does the Players Association stand on the proposal? According to NFLPA president Kevin Mawae, the players are willing to listen, but believe more information - specifically regarding safety -- is still needed before a decision is made.
NBA mulls allowing preps back in draft
College basketball analyst Jay Bilas is proposing the NBA adopt a new rule similar to Major League Baseball: Let high school seniors enter the draft, and require players that go to college stay for a few years. But under Bilas' idea -- one that several NBA front office officials embrace -- college would be more than a stop for the stars of tomorrow, which is what the NCAA has become since the NBA enacted the ''one-and-done'' rule in 2006. NBA commissioner David Stern said last month he would be interested in revising the rule to require players to play in college at least two years or until they are 20 years old. Stern has not publicly floated the idea of allowing high school players to enter the draft again.
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Boston?s Kevin Garnett blocks a shot by Cleveland?s LeBron James during Boston's 97-92 win in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinal basketball series in Boston on Sunday. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
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On the one hand there?s LeBron James; on the other there is ? :
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Western Conference, Second Round, Game 7
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