May 30, 2008
Friday, May 30
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Knicks may trade No. 6 draft pick
Donnie Walsh finally arrived at the pre-draft camp here yesterday and officially began the task of gauging the trade value of the Knicks' sixth pick in the June 26 draft. The more the Knicks president talked, the more he sounded as if he would rather wheel and deal. At six, Walsh could have a shot at point guard Jerryd Bayless, shooting guard Eric Gordon or 6-foot-10 small forwards Anthony Randolph and the Italian Stallion Danilo Gallinari. Even O.J. Mayo, who said yesterday he wants to play point guard in the NBA, could slip to six, though it seems unlikely. If he trades back. Walsh could land the purest point guard left after Derrick Rose -- D.J. Augustin. (New York Post)
The Giants' Super Bowl ring is worth ...
The Giants waited nearly four months for this moment. Patience was rewarded during a lavish ceremony Thursday night at Tiffany and Co. at which the Giants received their Super Bowl rings. The ring is made of white gold and diamonds. Tiffany said it cost $5,500 and has an estimated value of roughly $25,000. It was designed in collaboration with the Giants' front office and a four-player committee of Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, Amani Toomer and Shaun O'Hara. Antonio Pierce, who is on his honeymoon in Hawaii, and Jeremy Shockey were two of the evening's notable absentees. Reggie Torbor and Bryan Kehl also missed the ceremony for unspecified reasons.(New York Times)
U.S. military embraces MMA
The United States military is embracing a combat sport commonly called ultimate fighting that a decade ago was called human cockfighting and largely outlawed. The sport, also known as mixed martial arts and involving disciplines like jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling, adopted safety measures that satisfied most state regulators. To rally the troops, military leaders have welcomed professional fighters with names like Ace and the Huntington Beach Bad Boy. The Army has conducted tournaments among soldiers. In an opinion article for Army Times last year, Maj. Kelly Crigger urged commanders to field a team of fighters on television in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the dominant pro league. Across the service, the embrace of mixed martial arts has come with some reservations. The sport's emphasis on solitary glory runs counter to the Army's recent efforts to shift recruiting themes from individual development (Be All That You Can Be; Army of One) to group unity (Army Strong; Go Army). But as the sport found its audience on channels aimed at young men, recruiters and drill sergeants soon took notice. ( New York Times)
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The Lakers' Kobe Bryant scores on a reverse layup as the Spurs' Tim Duncan defends during the second half of Game 5 of the NBA Western Conference finals in Los Angeles. The Lakers won 100-92 to advance to the NBA Finals. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
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