September 04, 2008
Thursday, September 4
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Truth & Rumors
Auburn, 'Bama chasing recruit
Demond Dennis of Carver, Atlanta was thrilled to learn earlier this year that he had received scholarship offers from SEC powerhouses Alabama and Auburn. But the euphoria subsided just a bit once he read the fine print. "I was excited when I first got [the offers], but now they both want me to switch over to defensive back," the 5-foot-10, 193-pound senior said. "I want to play running back." Dennis also holds offers from East Carolina, Illinois, Louisville, Western Kentucky and UAB. He is being recruited by each of those programs as a running back.(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Is K-Rod a fit for Tigers?
The Angels' Francisco Rodriguez is closing in on the single-season record for saves. In November, he's due to become a free agent. Considering all the high-spending teams who don't have an established closer -- and that includes the Tigers -- there's no telling how high and frantic the bidding for Rodriguez might get. Yet what his bidders might find most exciting about Rodriguez is that he's making more and more use of the change-up. That pitch could allow him to remain effective for the life of any long-term contract. He won't get burned out regularly throwing a change-up the way he might if he relied heavily on the fastball. (Detroit Free-Press)
New Lions RB accuses Bell of theft
New Lions running back Rudi Johnson said former Lions running back Tatum Bell stole two of his bags from the locker room Monday. Johnson said when the bags were returned Tuesday, they were empty; missing were his identification, credit cards, about $200 in cash and some undergarments. "All this happened once he got released," Johnson said Wednesday as he came off the practice field. "He came here to get some stuff out of his locker. That's when he scooped the bags up. Some real shyster, conniving stuff, man." Bell said it was an honest mistake. He said he intended to pick up some bags for a former teammate, and he grabbed the wrong ones. He said he never opened the bags and doesn't have anything of Johnson's. "I ain't no thief," Bell told the Free Press in a phone interview. "I ain't never been one, and I ain't never going to be one. It was all a misunderstanding." (Detroit Free-Press)
Must-See Photo
Jeff Salazar, top, and Adam Dunn celebrate after Dunn hit a double to score Conor Jackson with the game-winning run during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals in Phoenix. The Diamondbacks won 4-3. (AP Photo/Elsie Amendola)
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Manning to Tyree, Tecmo-Style
Game To Watch
Yankees vs. Rays, 7:10 ET. Yankees go for sweep
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Yankees
1920 -- Man 'O War wins a 1 5/8-mile horse race by 100 lengths, the longest margin in history.
1998 -- The Yankees win their 100th game on the earliest date in history, beating the White Sox 11-6.
2002 -- Argentina defeats Team USA at the FIBA world championships, the U.S.'s first loss with NBA players in international competition.

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