November 13, 2008
Thursday, November 13
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Jet: Patriots defense 'old and slow'
One Jets offensive player, who spoke under the condition of anonymity because he didn't want to provide bulletin board fodder for the Patriots, talked about being "sick to our stomachs" about the Jets' 19-10 loss in Week 2 at the Meadowlands. He felt the Patriots were vulnerable - particularly on defense. Not to mention it was the first game with Matt Cassel at quarterback, after Tom Brady was injured in Week 1 vs. the Chiefs. The player spoke matter-of-factly about how "slow" and "old" a number of the New England defenders are and how he believes the Jets should be able to put up "a lot of points" on them tonight. (New York Post)
Yankees intend to blow away Sabathia
CC Sabathia does not need the Yankees to flirt with him. He knows their intentions already. All things being equal, Sabathia wants to go home to California and play in the NL, where he can hit. But as a friend of Sabathia's said yesterday, "he is mature enough and realistic enough to know that the Yankees might not make it close. And if it is not close - no matter how much he likes the West Coast and likes hitting - he is not going to walk away from $25 million. This is not rocket science. It is about how much more the Yanks will spend than anybody else." One Yankee executive said, "we have to separate ourselves." Translation: They must divest Sabathia of his dreams of the Pacific and the batter's box by going to a financial region relatively quickly that no other franchise would even consider, especially in this plummeting economy. That means a bid north of the six years at $137.5 million the Mets bestowed last year on Johan Santana. My gut says six years at $150 million sounds about right to force league-wide surrender before the bidding really even gets started. (New York Post)
Three teams to bid on Burke
If the Maple Leafs hope to secure Brian Burke as general manager, they had better act swiftly and aggressively. According to numerous sources, there may be as many as three National Hockey League teams and one ownership hopeful interested in hiring the high-profile Burke now that he officially has resigned as general manager of the Anaheim Ducks. Burke is expected to be cleared to seek offers from elsewhere within the next two weeks. There are those who believe the Boston Bruins will make an offer to Burke. With family in the Boston area, and a background at Providence College, Burke happens to be a close friend of former Bruins icon Harry Sinden, with whom he recently went hunting. The Bruins lack presence in a market that includes the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and NBA champion Boston Celtics. Burke would give them a platform that current general manager, Peter Chiarelli, cannot assume. And there are those who say Burke is being eyed by the Chicago Blackhawks, who currently are managed by Dale Tallon. Chicago is considered one of the strong up-and-coming teams in the NHL and hired Scotty Bowman as an upper management consultant in the summer. Tallon, however, is not considered one of the real movers and shakers in the NHL and with the Chicago franchise on the rise in its own market, a gregarious personality such as Burke would certainly enhance that position. (Toronto Sun)
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Buffalo Sabres' Andrew Peters (76) fights with St. Louis Blues' Cam Janssen during the first period of Wednesday night's game. (AP Photo)
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NHL Regular Season, 7 p.m. ET
Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins
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SI Vault: More Roger Clemens
1991 -- Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens wins AL Cy Young Award.
1992 -- Riddick Bowe beats Evander Holyfield in 12 for heavyweight boxing title.
1964 -- Bob Petit (St Louis Hawks) becomes first NBA player to score 20,000 points.
1974 -- Dodgers Steve Garvey wins NL MVP.


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