December 04, 2008
Thursday, December 4
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Why Notre Dame kept Weis
In the end, after more than a week of review and a face-to-face conversation Tuesday between Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick and coach Charlie Weis, the school announced that Weis would be back for a fifth year on the sideline - with a profound emphasis on changes that must occur. Swarbrick said no specific number of victories in 2009 will be satisfactory. But it is clear what won't be enough. "From none of our perspectives would a repeat of 2008 be acceptable," Swarbrick said. So that makes it back-to-back seasons that ended in "never again" for Weis, whose program is 9-15 in the last two years after winning 19 games and earning two Bowl Championship Series bids in his first two seasons. So although the athletic director offered no specifics, expect a host of moves, beginning with assistant coaches and proceeding from there. Swarbrick said he also believes, despite the apparently lifeless efforts that plagued the second half of the Irish's season, that Weis still has his team's ear. (Chicago Tribune)
Pierce to play ball with Plaxico's prosecutors
Embattled Giant Plaxico Burress' teammate Antonio Pierce will play ball - with prosecutors. The linebacker will cooperate and testify before a Manhattan grand jury about how Burress clumsily shot himself in the leg at a nightclub, The Post has learned. Pierce's testimony should guarantee an indictment against Super Bowl hero Burress for felony weapon possession - but at the same time, give Pierce a pass on charges of hiding the wide receiver's .40-caliber Glock pistol after the shooting. (New York Post)
Nice guy Theus on hot seat
Kings co-owner Joe Maloof shouldn't have blasted coach Reggie Theus two weeks ago, but the family owns the team and can say what it wants. Hey, the Maloofs have their Ma-loot, and I have this space. It's difficult to believe Theus is as nice a guy as he seems. But he's about to "nice" his way right out the door. Winning ugly I know about, but losing ugly is too unsightly to continue for long. Before Theus gets toasted, here's a little butter: The Kings are the softest team in the league. For a moment, there was a thought of softening that statement. On second thought, that statement is on point. For those who believed Ron Artest had to go, well, here is what's left. No doubt, the injury-related absences of Francisco Garcia and Kevin Martin have hurt the Kings. Yet there's no way a team permits the opposition to score so many easy baskets unless it is soft. Neither the presence of Garcia nor Martin will affect that. It's not about a scheme or a system. It's about having tough players on your roster. (Sacramento Bee)
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Korie Lucious, a 5-foot-11 frosh, gets a little hang-time against the Heels. (Greg Nelson/SI)
Must-See Video
Nearly eight minutes of ankle-breaking.
Game To Watch
It's Darren Collison vs. A.J. Abrams as UCLA heads to Texas (9 p.m. ET on ESPN2).
UCLA Bruins
Texas Longhorns
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Floyd Patterson
1961 -- Floyd Patterson defends his world heavyweight title by knocking out Tom McNeeley.
1961 -- Syracuse running back Ernie Davis becomes the first black to be drafted No. 1 in the NFL draft. The Washington Redskins madethe selection.
1982 -- Georgia running back Hershel Walker wins the Heisman Trophy.


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