May 28, 2009
Thursday, May 28
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Truth & Rumors
Did the Lakers buy Game 5 win?
The NBA has an integrity problem, as shrill and annoying as a referee's whistle. If the competitors don't trust the truth in the final score, why should we? Did the Nuggets lose to the Los Angeles Lakers 103-94, or were they robbed by referees who gave favorable calls to a marquee franchise that pumps up television ratings? Does the league want to see superstar Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals rather than the tattooed bad boys of Denver? In an accusation that goes straight to the heart of the sport's integrity, one member of the Nuggets shook his head in disgust after the game, and could not believe how cheap it was for Los Angeles to buy a 3-2 lead in the Western Conference finals. "The Lakers paid $50,000 to win that game. They got their money's worth," said a Denver player, not wanting to be identified for fear of retribution from the league.(Denver Post)
Belichick's son arrested for drinking
One of Bill Belichick's sons was arrested at Gillette Stadium earlier this week. 17-year-old Brian Belichick of Weston was one of several people arrested by Foxboro police Monday for underage drinking during the NCAA Lacrosse Championships. He appeared in Wrentham District Court Tuesday, paid a fine and the case was closed. n October 2006, Belichick's son Stephen was arrested for marijuana possession. He was placed on probation for six months. He was 19 at the time. (
West changes mind on Kobe vs. LeBron
Jerry West, the man responsible for bringing Kobe Bryant to the Lakers in a 1996 draft-day trade, basically retracted his comments last week that Cleveland forward LeBron James had passed Bryant as the game's best player. "I said something that I wish I wouldn't have said, to be honest with you, because it was in no way demeaning to Kobe Bryant," West said in a recent interview on "The Jim Rome Show." "I love his passion. I want him to win a championship without Shaquille O'Neal because I think it would vindicate him in some respect. If I had to watch a player play, there's about four players I would pay to see play on a regular basis, and Kobe Bryant certainly would be at the top of that list. Late in the game, who are you going to take to make a shot, who are you going to take in the last quarter of a game? Kobe Bryant's still the best in the league." (Los Angeles Times)
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Barcelona's Lionel Messi, left, scores on a header during the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona in Rome on Wednesday. Barcelona won 2-0. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
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That's no way for a team doctor to treat a patient.
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Magic vs. Cavaliers, 8:30 p.m ET. Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.
Orlando Magic
Cleveland Cavaliers
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Barry Bonds
2006 -- Barry Bonds hits his 715th career home run, bypassing Babe Ruth as the second-most prolific home run hitter in baseball history.
1957 -- The National League approves the move of both the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants to the west.
1951 -- Giants rookie Willie Mays gets his first hit in the majors, a 450-foot home run off Braves hurler Warren Spahn

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