September 16, 2010
Nadine Coyle :: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

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That headline is slightly misleading. The football player in question is Jason Bell, a former Giant and Texans defensive back hasn't played in the league since 2006. But I needed a lead item today, and he just got engaged to British singer Nadine Coyle (who is in the same music group as another WAG, Cheryl Cole).
Get This Man An Oscar
In addition to five World Series rings, 11 All-Star selections, four Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, an All-Star Game MVP award, a World Series MVP award and Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter can now add Academy Award winning actor to his resume.
Speaking Of The Yankees...
I'm sure all the Yankee haters wanted to throw up while reading the previous item, so here's one to cheer you up. People who wear Yankees hats are criminals. Or something like that.
'Come On Up In Here And Let's Give Me A Swagger In Here"
Turner Gill
Check out the cool way that Kansas head coach Turner Gill got his team pumped up before its win over Georgia Tech last Saturday. (Thanks to Linda Bailey, of Lawrence, Kan., for the link.)
That's All?
Dwight Howard wants $500,500,000 in damages from his ex-girlfriend for allegedly leaking stories about him.
Greatest Web Site Ever
Yes, is even better than Hot Clicks. Now, listen, before you e-mail to tell me it's fake, I'm well aware. However, you must watch every video and check out every product. It's GENIUS. (Thanks to Tim Porter, of Kamloops, British Columbia, for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
This rugby league hit is just like the one Ray Lewis laid on Dustin Keller last Monday night -- except nobody was wearing pads. (Thanks to Brian Shemenski, of Orrville, Ohio).

Trailer Of The Day
HBO's Eastbound & Down returns on Sept. 26. Here is the Season 2 trailer. If you missed Season 1, stay tuned to Hot Clicks in the coming days. I'm working on a giveaway.

Impressive Mechanic Skills Video Of The Day
These Army guys take apart and rebuild a jeep in four minutes.

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