October 10, 2011
Photo Of The Day
Referees :: Guyism.com

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It's very easy to pick on referees, but they make it so easy when things like this happen.
NFL Roundup
Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe had the catch of the day. Until Giants wideout Victor Cruz topped him. ... This play perfectly sums up the Dream Team in Philadelphia. ... Saints strong safety Roman Harper had the cheap shot of day on Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.
College Football Roundup
Texas Tech fans took things WAY TOO FAR in taunting visiting Texas A&M on Saturday. ... The TV description for the Minnesota-Purdue game was the most depressing you'll ever see. ... The beyond dumb celebration rule cost LSU a touchdown on a nifty fake punt.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Naya Rivera :: AP
Glee star Naya Rivera appears in the latest edition of FHM. The photoshoot is definitely worth a look.
Random Sports Links
Brian, of Las Vegas, says, "Jimmy, just thought you could appreciate that Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars not only scored a game winning goal Friday night, but he checked Chicago's Niklas Hjalmarsson through the glass. ... Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan dropped a couple of f-bombs on live TV after Milwaukee beat Arizona in Game 5 last Friday. ... This Raiders fan decided to pay tribute to Al Davis by getting a tattoo.
Headline Of The Day
Fan throws hot dog at Tiger Woods.
Live TV Video Of The Day
Virgina Tech fans REALLY got into the final play of the Hokies game against Miami on Saturday, making for this great scene.

Crazy Lady In KFC Video Of The Day
There are a million f-bombs in this video, but, understandably, that's what happens when you deny someone butter.

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