September 05, 2012
NFL Over/Unders
Cam Newton, Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning :: Getty Images

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With the NFL season getting under way tonight, here are some over/under win totals I'd recommend taking a flyer on for recreational purposes only. Hopefully, those of you who dabble for more than recreational purposes listened to my baseball over/unders this year because you're about to go 5-1 with a possibility of 6-0 if the Angels stay hot and finish 26-7 to close out the season. The five possible winners include over 87 1/2 Rays (they need to go 13-13 for a win), over 86 1/2 Braves (need to go 11-15 to win), under 90 1/2 Red Sox (they'd have to go 25-3 to be a loser), under 93 1/2 Phillies (need 29 wins with 26 games left so that's already in the books) and under 78 1/2 Royals (need to go 27-9 to be a loser). As for the NFL over/unders, you can see the full list here, but these are my best bets...

* Panthers over 7.5 wins: I don't see Cam Newton having a sophomore slump. I say he only gets better.

* Bears over 9.5 wins: Bigger than the addition of Brandon Marshall is the loss of offensive coordinator Mike Martz. Jay Cutler will now have protection.

* Broncos over 9 wins: They won eight games last year with a quarterback who couldn't complete a pass. Peyton Manning can complete passes.

* Jets under 8 1/2 wins: Outside of wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who is not exactly a good teammate, they have zero offensive talent.

* Niners under 10 wins: I don't see quarterback Alex Smith doing it again.

* Raiders under 7 wins: Carson Palmer is their starting quarterback. Enough said.
Braves pitcher Kris Medlen is 7-1 with a 1.56 ERA. In August, he was 4-0 with a 0.50 ERA, which earned him NL Pitcher of the Month honors yesterday. However, Medlen kept things in perspective when he tweeted about winning the award.
Knocked Off The Throne
Los Angeles was hit by a magnitude 3.2 earthquake early Monday morning. While nobody was injured in the aftermath, the quake did cause some issues for Dwight Howard.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Jaime Edmondson :: Playboy
It wouldn't be football season if we didn't link to what might be the greatest photo gallery we've ever featured in Hot Clicks, courtesy of Jaime Edmondson. (You can see Jaime in even more NFL team gear, but it's via, so click this link at your own risk.)
Adding Insult To Injury
Stretcher mishaps during a sporting event NEVER get old. Never.
Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks had an item about Texas A&M putting up a billboard in Gainesville to taunt Florida. The school said it was not responsible for the billboard and it has been taken down.
Last Chance To Get In The Pool
The Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool is back for another year. The rules are very simple. Pick each NFL game this season with the point spread. Whoever has the most wins at the end of the year wins a prize package. (If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing.) Sign up here. The folks at Toshiba are providing this 50-inch TV for the winner.
Sports Video Of The Day
Check out this pool shark.

Crossing The Street Video Of The Day
These ducks will make you hold your breath as you watch them navigate a Toronto highway. (Thanks to Michael Verdi, of Cleveland, for the video.)

Sara Underwood, Emily Ratajkowski Video Of The Day
Carl's Jr. debuted a new commercial last week starring Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski. The folks at Carl's Jr. sent along this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the commercial for Hot Clicks Nation.

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