September 05, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Not The Same Tired NFL Vs. NCAA Argument
NFL Cheerleaders :: Stewart Shining/SI

The whole NFL vs. NCAA football debate has been done to death. But Fan IQ figured out a way to make us pay attention to it today -- use cheerleaders. And if you need more of a sample, we have NFL cheerleaders here and college cheerleaders here. And does its part to help out, as does All Balls.

Quiz Time

Mondesi's House has come up with a great way to test your NFL knowledge. Can you figure out whether these players are on a current roster or not?

A Blast From The Past

We'll pass on making the obvious joke about Michael Jordan being too old for Michael Jackson, and just present this surreal clip of the Gloved One teaching His Airness how to dance.

Confession Time

We have a secret to share. We know it's gonna turn a lot of you off and you'll probably stop reading Hot Clicks from now on, but we're just gonna say it -- We love Chris Berman. He's bashed throughout the World Wide Web, but we don't care. We like the corny nicknames, we think Primetime is the greatest studio show in the history of sports television and he reminds us of our youth. Sure, we could do without the "back, back, backs," but nobody's perfect. The other thing we love about Berman is the Swami. He was one of the first people to go television and actually acknowledge the spread while picking NFL games. So with that, we'd like to congratulate Berman on 30 years of the Swami.

Look-alike Follow Up
Mrs. Davis, Sarah Palin :: AP

Yesterday, we discussed an e-mail we received from Mike, of Columbia, S.C., who said Sarah Palin looks like Mrs. Davis, the teacher/stripper from Varsity Blues. We mentioned that we couldn't find a photo from the movie, but, of course, you guys came through. Lenny, of Roanoke, Va., sent us this one. Bill Jentsch, of Bloomfield, N.J., and Jim Haron, of Toronto, passed along this link. And Lucas Nurmi, of Seattle, e-mailed another. We also got some more e-mails on the subject. Twayne, of St Louis, wrote, "Oh, come on man, that chick from Varsity Blues isn't even close to looking like Sarah Palin. Google Annie Potts, man. You remember, the red head from Ghostbusters. She could really be Palin's sister." Mike, of Girard, Ohio, said "Palin looks like the mom from Malcolm in the Middle." Don, of Cincinnati, said "I can't believe you haven't mentioned it yet, but the first person that popped into my head was Tina Fey. Look at this and this." Lastly, chimed in with "Dude, everyone knows that Palin looks like Dr. Melfi."

Just Like Joba

A guy who's a dead ringer for Joba Chamberlain has been busted for impersonating the Yankees pitcher. And the culprit doesn't even sound too upset about getting arrested, judging by this quote: "It was joke that got out of hand. Obviously, I know I am not him. But for the 15 minutes of fame ... it is what it is."

George Papadopolis Alert!
This Is Not A Joke

How would NFL players answer the question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" has some ideas.

Sounds Believable To Us

The Onion takes on Brett Favre.

So Much Entertainment, So Little Time

With 90210 back on the airwaves, some of you might be wondering what's up with Jason Priestley. He's turned into a werewolf. ... Entourage returns Sunday, so Cuzoogle compiled the best Johnny Drama quotes. ... A tribute to the hysterical Alec Baldwin.

Campus Clicks
USC Song Girls:: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

YOU can rent a USC Song Girl ... Arian Foster wants to open a "philosophy store" ... Phelps does fantasy with Brooklyn Decker ... Video: Beach faceplant.

More Stuff On Facebook

Check out our Facebook group for a must-see golf video.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via the World of Isaac comes this clip from last night's U.S. Open. The New York fans -- not fans of Novak Djokovic (maybe we had something to do with it.) Make sure you stick around til the end, when the announcer begs for some applause and gets even more boos.

Kissing Video Of The Day

And it takes place during a boxing match. (Thanks to Matt, of St. Louis, for sending us the link.) Update, 12:33 p.m.: Our complete ignorance when it comes to MMA has been exposed. Chris Kinda, of Baltimore, Russell, of Germantown, Md., and Marcus, of Montreal, e-mailed to tell us the video is from an MMA fight.

Kissing Video Of The Day -- No. 2

As if Bill needs kisses from Hillary.

Fox News Video Of The Day

In the interest of being fair and balanced, we figured we'd follow up that last video with this one.

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