December 24, 2012
Jose Canseco's New Year's Resolutions
Jose Canseco :: Getty Images

Jose Canseco tweet out his New Years resolutions Shaquille O'Neal a 76-second loss to 7-foot-2 Korean kickboxer Hong Man Choi.
Fire Andy Reid Butt Tattoo
tattooed to his butt
Greg Oden at the Mall
Greg Oden a 7-foot tall man starting at a half-naked mannequin.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Georgia Salpa :: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Georgia Salpa should cheer you up.
One Way to Ring in New Years
from the resort he was staying at to his home.
Feel-Good Story of the Day
scored a touchdown
Random Items
found an interesting way aren't exactly pleased would be all over the news tap water is safer than bottled water ... Lastly, Jimmy flaked on his promise to give us an Erin Andrews dating update but promises one tomorrow. Hope you can wait that long.
Marriage Proposal Of The Day
Anna Prins

Good Coaching Moment Of The Day
James Franklin

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