October 13, 2011
"Poo-Poo And Pee-Pee Cards"
Josh Beckett :: AP

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The fallout from yesterday's explosive Boston Globe story about the deterioration of the Red Sox clubhouse continues, with former Marlins manager Jack McKeon revealing a truly fascinating nugget. The skipper claims that when he managed Josh Beckett in Florida, he had to lock the clubhouse during games so Beckett wouldn't go in there to drink or hang out. The best part is that McKeon took on the role of an elementary school teacher and resorted to having bathroom passes for the players.
That Analysis Was A Tad Off
I know Tim McCarver isn't Mr. Popularity in the blogosphere, but, overall, I don't mind him when he does a game. If you're one of the haters, though, you'll love this clip from last night's Texas-Detroit game in which McCarver declared Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge wouldn't pull the ball off Rangers pitcher Alexi Ogando.
Wake Up!
Earlier this week, I mentioned that Rangers radio play-by-play man Eric Nadel undersold a walkoff grand slam call by Nelson Cruz. I don't want to pick on Nadel, who readers have said is excellent behind the mic, but again last night he had no juice in his call of another late inning homer by Cruz. I can respect Nadel not going homer on the call, but give me some pepper. You can hear the call at the 48-second mark of this clip.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Thrashers Ice Girls :: Getty Images
The NHL season kicked off last week, but we never took a look at some of the best Ice Girls from around the league. So we're doing that today. We're also remembering the Thrashers Ice Girls (above), who no longer exist since the team moved to Winnipeg.
Tedy Bruschi Should Skip This Item
He's still doing nothing on the field, but Chad Ochocinco's life greatly improved yesterday. The Patriots wideout finally returned to Twitter after two-week absence as payoff for losing a Madden bet. For those of you not on Twitter, this is a guy who has sent more than 30,000 tweets, so this is very big news. The layoff seemed to work for Ochocinco because he came out of the gate strong with two very good Tweets. On a side note, you can follow me on Twitter right here.
Breakout Star
MLB's newest "Legends Are Born In October" ad features an unlikely creature.
Tim Tebow Tribute Video Of The Day
God forbid this guy actually, ya know, does something in the NFL: Fans and media will collectively combust with excitement overload. At least this video uses the great Foo Fighters song, My Hero. (Thanks to Bryce, of Sacramento, for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day
Even if you don't like country music, I guarantee that you will enjoy this video by Toby Keith. (Thanks to by Rod, of Calgary, for the video.)

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