December 14, 2011
Live TV
Zoltan Mesko, Kristine Leahy, Julian Edelman

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A Boston television station had a reporter interview Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko and wide receiver (and defensive back) Julian Edelman at a charity holiday event last night. Let's break down what took place: One, the reporter misses her cue to begin the spot. Two, Edelman calls out Tom Brady for having B.O. Three, Edelman blows off a question about Tim Tebow. Four, Edelman says he wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Five, Mesko, at a party filled with kids, says he found out last year that Santa Claus isn't real, causing the reporter to nearly have a heart attack, as shown in the picture above. (Thanks to Eric, of Marshfield, Mass., for the link.)
That's One Way To Spice Up An Exhibition Match
This item is several days old, so forgive me for just discovering it now. Last week during an exhibition doubles match, tennis player Kim Clijsters got on the microphone and told the crowd, "To all the men here, the one who kisses Yanina first, wins that white car over there." Yanina is Yanina Wickmayer, one of Clijster's opponents. To watch the clip of Clijsters -- and the announcement and subsequent frenzy of men running onto the court that took place -- watch the third video here.
How Can He Leave After This?
Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando. Obviously, this is not sitting well with Magic fans. The news is especially devastating to guys who are high on drugs after getting their wisdom teeth pulled.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Nina Agdal :: Getty Images
Dan Lucas, of Rising Sun, Md., says, "Jimmy, you do a great job finding the right lovely lady. I want to introduce you to Nina Agdal, a lovely Danish model." Thanks for the introduction, Dan.
Best Of The Best is looking back at the 10 best viral sports videos of 2011.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
The outspoken Charles Barkley joined the latest edition of the Hot Clicks Podcast for a chat that covered a wide array of topics. Along with the state of the NBA, David Stern's power trip and the status of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, we also discussed Barkley's disdain for the over-the-top Tim Tebow coverage, his intense hatred of Skip Bayless, his gambling habits and dieting. Yes, dieting. Barkley is the new spokesman for Weight Watchers. You can listen to the show below or download it here.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Former Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski is now an analyst for Comcast Sports. This is his rant after Oakland's loss to Green Bay last Sunday. If Bill is reading this, I'd just like to tell him that a group of men are going to approach him with a white jacket. He should seriously run the other way. (Thanks to Phil, of San Francisco, for the link.)

Prank Video Of The Day
Guys just randomly falling down in stores is a solid concept. The execution here was good in the beginning, and I did laugh a few times during the first half of this video. It gets a little over the top as it goes on, but still, a commendable effort. (Thanks to Neil Hilts, of Calgary, for the video.)

Teaser Video Of The Day
Model and television host, Melaine Iglesias, who has been posting "flip book" videos throughout the year (as detailed by Hot Clicks in October), has put out this teaser for her newest holiday offering. (Thanks to Jonathan, of San Jose, for the tip.)

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