September 02, 2010
Postseason Anthem
Kid Rock :: Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

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The song that TBS will play ad infinitum during the Major League Baseball playoffs will be Kid Rock's Born Free.
Tailgating Types
We covered a lot of college football lists in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, but here is one more: the 14 types of people you will see at a college football tailgate. (Thanks to Chris Craig, of Chicago, for the link.)
It's Gotta Be "The Cuban Trifector" makes a good point about Reds rookie pitcher Aroldis Chapman: he doesn't have a good nickname yet. So, they're offering some suggestions.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Nina Senicar :: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Nina Senicar is a Serbian model and today's LLOD.
What Are The Odds?
A woman at Wednesday's Blue Jays-Rays game in Tampa got not one, not two, but THREE foul balls hit to her. The first, however, hit her in the face.
I Hate To Do It But...
I have to bring up the LeBron James defection from Cleveland to Miami because this blog is so, so wrong, but so, so funny.
Pool Time
If you'd like to be in the Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool, go to this site, find "Hot Clicks" and sign up. I'm not sure what the first-place prize will be yet, but hopefully I'll have an announcement on that soon.
Sports Video Of The Day
Trick bowling shots. (Thanks to Doug Booher, of Woods Cross, Utah, for the video.)

9-02-10 Video Of The Day
Ryan, of Chambersburg, Pa., says, "Jimmy, that is hysterical about Scott shooting himself on 90210. I have always felt that was the best moment of the show, but my wife thinks I'm sick for feeling that way. Please show the clip."

Facebook Video Of The Day
Piggybacking on a Facebook video that was recently in Hot Clicks, Jeff, of Franklin, Tenn., sends along this catchy tune. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

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