December 02, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
No Rose Bowl for this Guy
The Nittany Lion's legal indiscretions must horrify JoePa. :: Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI : AP

It's no secret Penn State's had its fair share of legal troubles the past few seasons. Our own Phil Guidry wrote a column earlier this fall saying the then undefeated Nittany Lions couldn't really be the "feel good story of the year" because they had such a bad habit of ending up in jail. Well Phil, here's some fodder for your next Penn State/State Pen column: The Nittany Lion just got busted for a DUI. That's right, it seems the disciplinary culture around the football team's so dark and dank, even the mascot's affected. Props to There Is No Name On My Jersey for asking if he attempted one-armed push-ups as part of the sobriety test.

Them's Fightin' Words

The Angry T has a modest suggestion for Michigan State: Establish at least a two-game winning streak against Michigan before posting antagonistic billboards all over the state. Wise words, but words that will go unheeded. The folks from Michigan Is Our Little Sister have already plastered billboards all over East Lansing with statements such as "Roses are red, violets are blue, your football team's terrible, and you basketball team is too." Clever and harsh -- the double whammy.

An Awkward Allegiance

The Sports Culture thinks there are two things you should know about BCS formula maker Richard Billingsley: He didn't go to college, and he keeps an Oklahoma cup on his desk. Suspect at best.

They Fought The Law
Columbia, Mo., law officials didn't like Todd Reesing's celebration. :: Scott Sewell/Icon SMI

You've got to love a police chief with a good sense of humor. After Kansas' last-minute comeback against Missouri this Saturday, Columbia, Mo., police chief Tom Dresner issued a press release stating his intent to issue arrest warrants for the entire Jayhawk football squad for robbery. He even called the Jayhawks a "gang of desperadoes." It doesn't quite make up for those unsavory yellow uniforms, but it's something.

We've Got Your Kiffin Family Photos

Yesterday, we received the following e-mail from loyal SIOC reader James: "OK, it's been eight hours since my beloved UT has announced Lane Kiffin as its new head football coach. Frankly, I don't care if he fields a team that goes 4-7 for the next five years ... as long as I get to see Mrs. Lane Kiffin on the sidelines in Knoxville, etc. Please give the On Campus faithful more pictures of this woman." James, we're nothing if not loyal to our readers, so ask and ye shall receive. A simple Google search for "Mrs. Lane Kiffin" returned this link from Nashville Scene, complete with the requisite photo and a link to the Facebook group created in her honor, "Our Coach's Wife is Hotter Than Your Coach's Wife."

Speaking of Facebook...

Turns out all you have to do to get on ESPN is start a Facebook group with a clever, grammatically correct and to-the-point title bemoaning your team's BCS fate. Just ask young Austin Talbert, who got his 15 minutes of fame thanks to his group, "Texas Did Beat OU 45-35, Lest We Forget."

When Will He Ever Learn?

There's been so much Notre Dame hating going on in the blogosphere and mainstream media lately that we feel bad piling on ... but not bad enough. It's pretty bad form for the leader of a struggling team to walk into enemy territory boldly flashing "victory" signs and then throw for a whopping 41 yards. C'mon, Jimmy. It's one thing to pose for photos while wearing an unsightly shiny red jacket and illegally playing drinking games, but this is just inexcusable.

Trashing the Tigers

We know Auburn fans were disappointed with their team's performance against Alabama in Saturday's Iron Bowl, but depositing the orange and blue pompoms in the nearest waste receptacle after the game? That's hardcore.

Pop Culture Nugget

Attention, all you up and coming NYC real estate agents: Madonna and A-Rod are searching for a suitable love nest.

Today In Hot Clicks
Eagles cheerleader, Amy:: Courtesy of

We apologize -- by playing the cheerleader card ... Hardest NFL and NCAA hits of the season ... Plaxico Burress song ... Lane Kiffin's better half ... Video: Cooley's day ... Man cries over library.

Odds and Ends

More news and notes from the weekend that was ... Jimbo Fisher needs to watch out for the cameras ... Here's your daily bracketology update ... If you're looking for some weekly College Hoops Pick 'Em action, look no further.

The Florida State Five

Before the Seminoles took the field against the Gators this Saturday, the Florida State tuba players put on a little show. And when we say, "put on a little show," we of course mean "fell five times while trying to march in formation." Clearly, this was a harbinger of things to come.

Jumping for Joy

Not only does this delirious Virginia Tech fan pull off a beautiful swan dive from his bleacher bench, but his comrades many benches below catch him with ease. Now that's what we call teamwork.

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