July 22, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Greg Norman
Sure, "The Shark" blew a shot at winning The British Open, finishing third (hey, some things never change), but his best performance in nearly a decade proved that Chris Evert may be the best "lady luck" in sports. Maybe she could offer some pointers to Jessica Simpson.
2 Carson Palmer
We're loving this new Carson, who is about as witty as the old Tonight Show host. Back when we were in college he was famous for offering up more clichéd quotes than a politician, now he's calling out the home town college football team.
3 Danica Patrick
The only thing hotter than Patrick's dress at some sports awards show (the name escapes us at the moment), was her fight with Milka Duno after a practice session for the Honda Indy 200. It almost reminded us of that classic Sensational Sherri-Luna Vachon encounter back when Raw was really Raw.
4 Alyssa Milano
So, Alyssa's saying she's not dating baseball players anymore. Isn't that a like Leonardo DiCaprio saying he's done with dating supermodels? We'll believe it when we see it.
5 Charles Woodson
Finally Woodson has found something positive to take away from playing for the Raiders, whose training camp is in Napa Valley. He's starting his own wine, even though he wasn't allowed to promote it as the NFL fears kids would go out and start downing bottles of cabernet and pinot noir like their favorite defensive back.
6 Justin Timberlake
So, CBS was finally cleared of having to pay a fine after the "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl. In a related story, the ESPYS, which were hosted by Timberlake and taped around the same time we think, finally aired (and re-aired 1,001 times) this week.
7 Alex Rodriguez
How Hollywood has A-Rod gone? Well, he signed with a Hollywood talent agency this week amid rumors that he's still seeing Madonna while he goes through a messy divorce. The only thing missing now is a sex-tape and a subsequent reality show, and he'll be on his way to being on the cover of US Weekly.
8 David Beckham
It's been one year since Becks moved to Los Angeles and became a part of the MLS. The fact that the preceding sentence will come as a surprise to some and elicit no reaction from others tells you how much he's boosted the profile of soccer in the States during that time.
9 Jay Leno
We've long preferred Letterman to Leno but showing up in disguise to a press conference to find out when your last day will be is classic. When Leno, dressed in a bald cap, fake goatee and glasses, asked the NBC suits what would happen if he pulled a Brett Favre and wanted to come back, their response was it would "put management in an impossible situation." No kidding, just as the Packers.
10 Lindsay Lohan
Our favorite couple of the year so far is Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson. Well, at least it's our favorite potential couple. We're not sure if they're really an item or if this is a publicity stunt, but we're hoping for the former while totally expecting the latter from anyone with the last name Lohan.

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