November 09, 2012
Friday, November 9
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Rolle warns Bengals WR 'he better duck'

Antrel Rolle was at it again Thursday. [Rolle] has a message for Bengals receiver A.J. Green: Duck. On what had been a usual quiet week for the Giants, Rolle turned up the trash talk Thursday after hearing that Green had said Big Blue's secondary had "a lot of holes." That's all it took to set Rolle off. "I'll talk with my pads come Sunday," Rolle said. "That's how I approach the game. If he sees me, he better duck. That's it. If I get a chance," he added, "I'm coming across." The warning was sent. The always-spirited Rolle will be hunting for Green on Sunday in Cincinnati, looking to make a statement for the entire Giants 'D'. It's a statement the defense failed to make in Week 4. (New York Daily News) Comment

Cubs consider blockbuster Castro-for-Upton swap

Theo Epstein, already with a blockbuster shortstop trade to his credit in Boston, may have the opportunity again in Chicago. Make that splash your fans have been waiting for since you were hired. Trade Starlin Castro for Justin Upton. Javier Baez has your back. At 22, Castro is far from a polished product. But he's also probably the best young shortstop in baseball. Name someone better. I tried, and can't. That's good news for the Cubs. Even better is that Baez, 20 next month, it about to push Castro hard. ... While Castro recently signed a seven-year, $60 million contract, he is not exempt from trade rumors. There are only a few whispers now, but you soon may hear how the Cubs are as good of a fit with the Diamondbacks for Upton as the Rangers. (Chicago Tribune) Comment

Chandler: Mavs blew up chance for repeat

With the Knicks and Mavericks facing off Friday, all sorts of storylines unfolded with former Mavs. Tyson Chandler said if Dallas owner Mark Cuban played his cards right after the lockout, he could have brought Dallas a second championship. After the Mavericks won the 2010 title, however, Cuban moved on, didn't offer Chandler a contract and let key role players such as point guard J.J. Barea flee during free agency. ... Dallas, after a disappointing first-round KO in last season's playoffs, are off to a strong 4-1 start. "I'm glad because I'm here," Chandler said of Cuban's indifference. "It's a great situation. I'm very happy with the situation. I definitely think we had an opportunity to win back-to-back. Unfortunately things were blown up." (New York Post) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

Kevin Durant skies to the basket at the United Center for two of his 24 points in the Thunder's 97-91 comeback win over the Bulls. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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Mario Martinez's cracking score in the 81st minute, his first of the season, sent the Seattle Sounders to their first Western Conference final.

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SI Vault: More Joe Paterno
  • 2011 -- Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier are fired in the midst of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.
  • 1957 -- The Canadiens' Claude Provost sets an NHL record by scoring four seconds into the start of a period in a 4-2 win over the Bruins
  • 1996 -- In their first fight, Evander Holyfield upsets Mike Tyson via 11th-round TKO for the WBA heavyweight title.

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