October 09, 2008
Thursday, October 9
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Doctor: Sox wrong about Schilling's shoulder
Curt Schilling could have been ready to pitch in the American League Championship Series, according to his surgeon. Dr. Craig Morgan said yesterday that if the Red Sox had followed his advice to operate on Schilling's shoulder last winter, the righthander likely would have been ready for the postseason. "If the [team] would have let me do the surgery in January, he'd probably be pitching in the playoffs now," Morgan said in a telephone interview. Schilling, who turns 42 next month, missed the entire season after having shoulder surgery in June. The Red Sox won the AL wild card without him. Only 3 1/2 months after the operation was performed, Morgan yesterday described Schilling's shoulder as "phenomenal." Morgan wanted to operate last January, then said during spring training that the only way Schilling might have been able to pitch this season would be if he had surgery. Gill recommended rehabilitation and Schilling went along reluctantly because he was obligated under his contract to follow the team's plan.(Boston Globe)
Carmelo promises 'a different me'
A little more than a week after Carmelo Anthony proclaimed to be a changed player -- a new-and-improved version ready to truly make the team his -- there is tangible evidence he is headed in the right direction. His teammates say Anthony has been more vocal in practice, particularly in directing defensive traffic. He's encouraged players and has been an active participant in running, not something many star players are concerned with. Anthony has taken his biggest hits for an inconsistent commitment to playing defense and not grasping control of the team as its unquestioned leader. "All I can say is you will see a different me," Anthony promised prior to the start of training camp. "Not so much from an offensive standpoint, but just making that commitment to make my teammates better, to make my team better on the defensive end. . . .".(Denver Post)
Mangino to address obsecene KU chant
Kansas coach Mark Mangino will make a personal plea to the KU students, encouraging them not to continue with the profane pre-kickoff chant at the Jayhawks' home games, associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said. The chant -- based off a line from the 1998 Adam Sandler comedy, "The Waterboy" -- states, "Rip his (expletive) head off," referring to the opposing team's kickoff return man. KU will send a video of Mangino speaking to the student body over e-mail today, and the video will be replayed before the game on Saturday. This latest attempt to stop the chant began last Friday when University Daily Kansan editor Matt Erickson called a meeting that included Marchiony, director of university relations Todd Cohen, student body president Adam McGonigle and KU linebacker Mike Rivera.(Kansas City Star)
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Boston Celtics Patrick O'Bryant (26) and Kevin Garnett (5) block Philadelphia 76ers' Elton Brand (42) as he goes to the hoop in the first half of their pre-season basketball game (AP).
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Some like it awkward
Game To Watch
Dodgers at Phillies, 8:22 p.m. ET -- NLCS Playoffs
Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadlphia Phillies
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Frank Robinson
1974 -- Cleveland Indians made Frank Robinson the first Black baseball manager.
1997 -- N.Y. Rangers are first NHL team to open with 4 straight ties.
1991 -- San Jose Sharks beat Calgary, 4-3, for their first NHL win.
1928 -- N.Y. Yankees sweep the Cardinals in 25th World Series; Babe Ruth hits three home runs in game.
1966 -- Baltimore Orioles sweep L.A. Dodgers in 63rd World Series.


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