March 09, 2011
Video Gold
Tom Brady ::

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The gif above from is a beautiful thing. But this video mashup of athletes dancing, led by Tom Brady (and featuring Sly & the Family Stone as the soundtrack), is even better.
Super Size Me With A Twist
Remember the great documentary, Super Size Me, by Morgan Spurlock? Well this guy has put his own twist on the premise. He's eating only McDonald's for 30 days while attempting to run a sub 2:36 time at the L.A. Marathon on March 20. Check out his aptly titled blog: Confessions of a Drive-Thru Runner.
Recognize These Guys?
Batting Stance Guy is expanding his repertoire. In addition to mimicking the batting stances of players, he's now imitating the historians who seem to appear on every baseball documentary.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Odette Yustman :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
Actress Odette Yustman gets today's LLOD honors.
Heat Watch
Miami's losing streak has caused Dwyane Wade to give up TV. ... Phil Jackson's comments on the Heat players crying led to this funny Photoshop. ... Chris Webber had some strong words for Miami last night.
Cool Products Of The Day
If you're looking for speakers that are a little out of the ordinary, this feature is for you.
Sports Video Of The Day
Goalkeeper blunder.

BlakeShow Video Of The Day
When Blake Griffin isn't dunking on someone, he's making entertaining videos in which he hypes USC tight end Jordan Cameron.

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