April 23, 2010
We're Three
The Okapiec Triplets :: Bruce Gifford/Getty Images

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Three years ago today, the very first edition of Hot Clicks was published on SI.com. I can't thank all of you enough for the tremendous support and for reading the column/blog/whatever-this-is-called as religiously as you do. I also can't blame you enough for making Hot Clicks so successful that the SI.com higher ups have now forced me to do it twice a day. I kid, I kid (sort of). Anyway, since Hot Clicks is turning 3, I figured the appropriate way to celebrate would be by giving triplets the lead spot. Have you ever heard of the Okapiec triplets? Me neither. But they comprise a musical group known as Alizma. You can familiarize yourself with them here.
NFL Draft Fallout -- Part I
This may come as a shock, but the media loves Tim Tebow. As for the other quarterback taken last night, Sam Bradford, his name was tailor-made for easy headlines.
NFL Draft Fallout -- Part II
Say what you want about New Yorkers, but you can't deny that they add some spice to the NFL draft. They proved this again last night by chanting "She said no," when it was announced the Pittsburgh Steelers were on the clock. (You can hear the tail end of it at the start of this video.) As for the Steelers pick, they went with Florida center Maurkice Pouncey, who celebrated the moment by kissing his brother -- on the lips.
NFL Draft Fallout -- Part III
Chris Berman :: Getty Images
Mitch Hall, of Commack, N.Y., said, "Jimmy, was it me or did Tom Jackson have the look that he wanted to kill Steve Young all night? He looked absolutely miserable and every time Young talked (which seemed like all 4-plus hours), Jackson was steaming mad." Aaron Decurtins, of Ramona, S.D., said, "Hey, Jimmy, love the site. It never takes very long to get sick of the useless commentary during the draft but how about the complete lack of class displayed when Steve Young and Mel Kiper talked right through the salute to America's service members. The cameras even went back to Boomer too early and showed him trying to shut everyone up."

Couple of things on this. I agree with Mitch about Steve Young. He completely brings down ESPN's coverage. It should be enough to have Kiper, Jackson and Jon Gruden on there. There's no need for him and he's constantly interrupting people and screaming for no reason. As for Aaron's e-mail, yes, Berman was trying to shut everyone up and it was priceless. Luckily, I caught video of it.

Let's Play The Feud
Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden was not happy with Alex Rodriguez yesterday because A-Rod crossed over the mound while returning from third to first after a foul ball. Said Braden: "He's a tremendous player and a tremendous talent, and I don't care if I'm Cy Young or the 25th man on a roster; if I've got the ball in my hand and I'm out there on that mound, that's not your mound. You want to run across the mound? Go run laps in the bullpen. That's my mound." Rodriguez responded in a classless manner, saying, "He just told me to get off his mound. That was a little surprising. I've never quite heard that -- especially from a guy that has a handful of wins in his career." You can read full details of the beef here and see video of the dust up here.
You Can't Blame Him
Loyal Hot Clicks readers know I'm not exactly a hockey expert. But Yahoo's Puck Daddy is, and he proves it with this post on Craig Anderson's habit of staring at Ice Girls..
Sports Video Of The Day
Check out the double overhead kick pulled off by two Gimnasia La Plata players against Boca Juniors on Thursday.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Here is the latest installment of Unnecessary Censorship.

Another Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Guillermo trained with the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, the whole thing is a big car commercial, but there are still some funny parts, including Lions coach Jim Schwartz dropping some f-bombs.

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