October 16, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Nicki Jhabvala
Olympic Glory And Gossip
Nastia Liukin and "Chuck Bass" -- hook-up potential?. :: AP : Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Let's be honest: No one in their right mind spends hours upon hours training for just a medal. Extra benefits are expected, and thanks to the 2008 Olympic medalists, we now have a better understanding of what those benefits are. SNL, money, starting a youth foundation, money, partying with celebrities, money, and A SPOT ON GOSSIP GIRL! XOXO, Nastia Liukin!

Party Bus, Kramer Style

UC-Berkeley students were graced with Seinfeld's promo bus on their campus Tuesday. Jerry, George and Kramer were NOT in sight, but the bus was filled with goodies and free access to the show's MySpace and Facebook page. Oooh!


I used to think the Steinbrenner offspring had the coolest lifestyle -- a lot of money, a lot of power, free reign to insult Yankee employees and very little responsibility. But that was before I heard of Carli Lloyd, a Cal volleyball player. Her uncle, Galen Tomlinson is "Turbo." Yes, the Turbo from the original American Gladiators. I'm so envious right now it hurts to type this.

Facebook Groupies
Michael Phelps is loved on Facebook. :: Facebook : Dana Edelson/NBC Photo

This really has no relevance to college or sports, but it's incredibly amusing nonetheless. CollegeOTR offers the top 10 Facebook fan pages. It's really quite bizarre -- not the list, but the fact that some of these celebrities/things have fan pages. To give you a clue as to whose page reigns supreme, just think of a very, very awkward Saturday Night Live season premiere.

Quotable Winners

Awful Announcing posted the results from this past weekend's "Pammy" nominees. Lou Holtz's rant on Colt McCoy earned him some nods, while Craig Bolerjack edged his way into the top 10 with his talk of a rash, and Brent Musberger used pigs to place among the winners. Congrats to Week 7's winners. You all worked very hard for your accomplishments.

Already Mad In Kentucky

Count on Kentucky to always abide by the rules (think Larry Orton). Midnight Madness, the glorified pep rally to open the basketball season, started a bit early for the Wildcats. NCAA teams are allowed to start practicing on Oct. 17, but are granted two hours of "instruction" (the line is cloudy as can be) each week starting in September. So, Kentucky's already held its Midnight Madness. And, according to a Kentucky spokesman, the Oct. 17 date "didn't cause any problems for us here." Stay classy, Kentucky.

Tapping Your Inner Ivy

Turns out Princeton students are more than just uber smart. Grad student Peter Hummon is also hypnotic. In addition to working on his thesis, Hummon has been training for three years to become a hypnotist. Now, he's helping the "hypno-curious" by allowing them to sit in his "hypno-chair" while he taps into their inner psyche. Disturbing. Yes. Yes, it is.


Kids, it's time to open your hearts and sharpen your pencils, because the SIOC Mailbag is back. So send in your questions on college sports and college life and we'll pen insightful, moving and witty responses to help you see the light.

Pop Culture Nugget

The "No. 1 Stunna" is accused of using Lil' Weezy to "Get That Money." "How U Luv that?"

Today In Hot Clicks
Danielle Lloyd :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Huge mismatches in Soccer WAG History ... The story behind Devin Harris getting schooled ... PETA after Victorino ... Awful Phillies tribute ...Video: Rays celeb fan.

Odds and Ends

Why Paris Hilton's My New BFF is so moronic you could cry ... Props to Albany scientists for discovering that Wal-Mart water can kill us ... Note to BYU students: Don't create a Mormon beefcake calendar and expect to graduate ... Vincent Chase shall be back.

Dancing Sooner

Being drunk does not give one the right to subject the public to such torture.

The Original Maverick

CampusSqueeze professed its undying love for '80s montages. Here is by far the best one on the list. How such a small man is such a stellar volleyball player is simply astounding.

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