November 24, 2009
Cheer Up
Oregon cheerleader, Katelynn :: Peter Schilitt

The e-mails started coming in late Saturday night. Rob P., of Spokane, Wash., said, "OREGON CHEERLEADER HURT!!! One of our favorite cheerleaders was hurt this weekend at Arizona." Ron Callan, of Napa, Calif., said, "We are the flagship station of the OSU Beavers, but believe you should make the Oregon Cheerleader hit by that bottle in Arizona your Cheerleader of the Week." And Michael, of Pensacola, Fla., said, "Love Hot Clicks! I always read whenever it comes out. I happened to be reading an article on FanHouse about an Oregon cheerleader getting hit by a bottle. I hate to see something like this happen and I would think it would be great that she gets nominated as Cheerleader of the Week. What do you think?" I think it's a great idea. Not only did we make Oregon's Katelynn Johnson this week's Cheerleader of the Week, but also got exclusive comments from Katelynn on the incident that took place in Arizona last Saturday, as well as an update on her condition.
Football And Food
Here is a ranking of each NFL team and its holiday food counterpart.
Tale Of Two Notre Dame QBs
Brady Quinn is reportedly dating U.S gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Meanwhile, Jimmy Clausen was involved in a bar fight Saturday night and ended up with two black eyes. (Thanks to Dan Cladis, of Chicago, for the link.)
Intentional Wardrobe Malfunction
Ron Artest
Wendy, of Los Angeles, wrote in last night to say, "Ron Artest was on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night, shirtless, pantsless and had Jimmy's name shaved into his head. If you can come across the video, you should definitely post for anyone who may have missed it. Artest is out of control!" Here is Part I and Part II of the appearance.
House Comes Through
Everyone knows Steelers coach Mike Tomlin looks just like actor Omar Epps. (We acknowledged that in a look-alikes gallery we posted a few months back.) And last night, the show Epps stars on, House, got in on the action.
Browns Players Should Take Note
In soccer news, Tottenham beat Wigan 9-1 on Sunday. So Wigan players have decided to personally refund their fans who traveled to Tottenham the cost of the ticket to the match. (Thanks to Colin, of Fort Worth, Texas, for the link.)
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Sports Video Of The Day
What happens when a rookie quarterback throws for 422 yards, five touchdowns and leads his team to victory? As pointed out by, you get a tribute video in which you are described as a "man, man, man."
News Blooper Video Of The Day
He started out strong, but just faded.
One More News Blooper Video Of The Day
"We can't show baseball."
Office Video Of The Day
Now you can work anywhere.

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