September 03, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Kickoff Time
Oregon Cheerleaders
Oregon cheerleaders : Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography
Hot Clicks Nation, I've missed you. Not as much as I miss the $100 I dropped at Mohegan Sun thanks to mini-baccarat, but I've missed you nonetheless. However, don't get used to me being around because I won't be doing Hot Clicks tomorrow. Redskins tight end and Hot Clicks regular Chris Cooley is taking over the page for the day. As for today, we're finally getting some real football action. At 7 p.m. ET, South Carolina visits N.C. State, where a certain sideline reporter makes her return to television. And then at 10:15, No. 16 Oregon visits No. 14. Boise State and the blue field. To prepare for the season, you should make sure you wear your team colors tomorrow. You should also check out the 2009 college football all-name team. Meanwhile, Lou Holtz predicts Notre Dame will play in the BCS title game, but 50 former Irish players don't seem so optimistic based on this billboard they had made. Lastly, since the Ducks are in action tonight, I'd be foolish not to mention that's latest Cheerleader of the Week is from the University of Oregon. Rules

If you missed last night's Hard Knocks on HBO, stop what you are doing right now and set up your TiVo/DVR. The episode featured 1) Tank Johnson excitedly claiming that he just found out "Donnie Walsh" invented the West Coast offense; 2) Chad Ochocinco's very hot girlfriend; 3) Chad Ochocinco telling every cheerleader to call him despite the fact that he has a hot girlfriend; 3) Laveranues Coles looking scared out of his wits while coach Marvin Lewis unleashed a classic tirade; 4) Mike Brown showing utter disgust when Andre Smith showed up out of shape; and 5) Jordan Palmer (backup quarterback and brother of Carson) revealing that he's one of the developers behind one of the most genius Web sites ever -- From the site: " lists movies that are currently in movie theaters and when we think would be the best time to RunPee during those films. This way you not only know when to go but can also find out what you'll be missing. You will no longer miss those ultra-important scenes are need to come back to your seat and ask someone, 'What did I miss'?"

From $3,000 to $1

Check out the $3,000-a-night suite Roger Federer is staying in while he's in New York for the U.S. Open. Now, most of us will never stay in a $3,000-a-night room in our lifetime, but if you have just $1 to spare, you can purchase Brandon Marshall. (Thanks to Sakal Heng, of Denver, for the link.)

Making An Entrance
Ralphie : Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

One more link to get you prepared for the season: the top 10 college football entrances.

This Sums Up YouTube

Here's a lesson to learn: Videos can instantly be made better when you add the right song to it, as proved in this clip of a U.S. Open ball boy going down.

Random Links

If you've drafted your fantasy football team and want to know how it stacks up, check out, which ranks your team and gives you matchup data. ... Here's a great Larry Fitzgerald/IHOP commercial. ... The 10 funniest/weirdest moments on Jeopardy!

How 'Bout That Cowboy (Cheerleader)?

When I left you Friday, Cowboys cheerleader Abigail Klein was atop Hot Clicks. The lovely Klein generated tons of positive e-mail -- "Abigail Klein, perhaps the hottest Hot Clicks of them all. Nice work," said Ryan, of Kansas City -- so I felt I should give you more.

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Sports Video Of The Day
"Dude Perfect" has been featured in Hot Clicks twice before. They're back with a third installment of wild basketball shots, and this one is a summer-camp edition. The back-to-back shots that take place at the 1:07 mark are pretty damn impressive.
Michigan Video Of The Day
I don't want to kick Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines while they're down, but this was too good to pass up. (Thanks to Mike, of North Canton, Ohio, for the link.)
Commercial Of The Day
Every commercial should be this honest with its disclaimers.
Angry Kid Video Of The Day
Don't mess with this kid's bacon.
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