July 21, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
TV Doings
Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi :: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Hot on the heels of Terrell Owens' reality show debuting last night, Shaquille O'Neal has just inked a deal with ABC. The show, called Shaq Vs., will feature the Diesel competing against other athletes, including Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Phelps, Oscar De La Hoya and Albert Pujols, in their own sports. Shaq is staying busy, too, because he's guest-hosting Monday Night Raw next week. However, the better piece of TV news from yesterday was that Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi is getting her own sitcom.
Erin Andrews

I screwed up yesterday. I didn't address the Erin Andrews situation in Hot Clicks and that was a mistake based on the absurd amount of e-mails I've gotten. I didn't address it for two reasons. One, I didn't want to give the story more attention (stupid logic) and, two, since E.A. has become a "Friend Of Hot Clicks," and someone I have contact with, I thought anything I said about it would be a conflict of interest. Well, based on what you guys told me, that was shortsighted thinking because I probably got more e-mail yesterday than ever before. Anyway, what I have to say about this ugly saga isn't really groundbreaking. It was a gross invasion of privacy and the lowlife who did this should go to jail. Plain and simple. And since I'm finally discussing this story, let me just fire off a few more opinions based on things I've seen and heard the past few days. No. 1: Many of you have asked me to pass along well wishes to E.A. I'm sure her lawyers have her on lockdown right now, but if/when I speak to her, I will let her know about the massive support you guys have given her. No. 2: Anyone who thinks E.A. was in on this or this is part of some grand scheme is completely lost and clueless. No. 3: Please do not send me the link to the video anymore. No. 4: Please don't ask me to send you the link to the video. No. 5: I've read a couple of stories from people who have said this was bound to happen given the blogosphere's obsession with E.A. As someone who's written about Erin Andrews on a regular basis for two-plus years, all I have to say is, bull. When you post pics of someone on the sideline at a game or on the red carpet of an event and you say the person is your favorite sideline reporter or America's sweetheart, the next logical step is NOT cutting out a hole in her hotel room and filming her while she's naked and putting the video on the Internet.

Beware Of Becks

Yesterday's Hot Clicks told you about how David Beckham confronted an L.A. Galaxy fan. Well, The Angry T is warning anyone who thinks mixing it up with Becks would be easy. He may come off as a pretty boy, but his actions show otherwise.

Speaking Of Soccer Players ...
Paul McCartney, Noel Gallahger
Paul McCartney, Noel Gallahger :: Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo has offered an interesting musical opinion: He says Oasis is a better band than The Beatles.

Did Anyone Else Know About This?

The United States has a men's slow-pitch softball team? Seriously? And the games are on ESPN? Who knew? Anyway, Joe Sports Fan has a full report on this phenomenon.

Devastating Defeats

Tom Watson's tough defeat at the British Open has inspired Complex.com to look at the most heartbreaking losses in sports history.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Just some baseball bloopers.
Handy Man Video Of The Day

Don't have power windows in your car? You will after watching this. (Thanks to Shaun Kouba, of Minot, N.D., for the link.)

Rainbow Video Of The Day

Turn up the volume, sit back and you'll be in awe. (Thanks to Chris, of San Antonio, for the link.)

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