March 27, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Commercial Of The Year
Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi

One quick note: We now have a Hot Clicks archive page. The only problem is that it hasn't been populated yet with any links. If you are looking for yesterday's Hot Clicks or any other past Hot Clicks, just check our Extra Mustard archive page. Now on to our regularly schedueled programming...

Since outrageous foods, specifically burgers, have been a big part of Hot Clicks lately, and because I always get e-mails from readers who want to see Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi at the top of Hot Clicks, I give you one of the hottest commercials ever made.

Just When You Think He's Done It All...

LeBron James will be featured on this Sunday's 60 Minutes. You must check out this 36-second preview.

Dancin' Dwight

Dwight Howard. Beyonce's Single Ladies. Enjoy it. However, it's not as good as Justin Timberlake's Single Ladies sketch from Saturday Night Live. I bring this up because Timberlake has become one of the show's best guest hosts, and he'll do the honors again May 9.

Tournament MVPs
Bill Raftery, Verne Lundquist
Bill Raftery, Verne Lundquist

Gus Johnson gets the most love in the blogosphere. Mainstream media members -- and the people who run CBS -- think Jim Nantz is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But this is the best basketball announcing team out there. Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist make every game they call more enjoyable because they're behind the mikes. (Last Friday's Siena-Ohio State game was more proof of that.). They talk to fans as if we're equals, and sound like two guys you'd hear in a sports bar. Unfortunately, this is a rarity in sports broadcasting, which is why the games they call stand out. Anyway, for more on Raftery, onions and lingerie, check out this great feature story.

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. And Wrestlemania 25 takes place next Sunday. So here are two solid links: the 10 greatest old-school WWF promos and the Top 10 Old-School Finishers.


Hot Clicks normally tries to keep things fun and light, but this can't be helped. If you don't know the story about Texans running back Ryan Moats being detained by a policeman in a hospital parking lot while his mother-in-law was dying, read about it here. Then, check out the video and read a well-thought-out take about it here. I'm giving you the well-thought-out take because mine would just be a rant.


If you have questions for Zach Gilford, who plays Matt Saracen, e-mail them to me before 3 p.m. ET today. Also, make sure you TiVo/DVR Friday Night Lights tonight while you're watching the tournament. The episodes now, as the show comes down the home stretch, are too good to miss.

Twitter Tweet Of The Day

Shaquille O'Neal: "Its freezn n portland, schwlbbbbb schlwbbbb dats da lip shiver sound." You want to know what makes Shaq's Tweets even more amusing? The fact that someone from a media and communication company taught him how to Twitter. For way less amusing Twitter antics, you can follow me.

Hottest Student Bodies On Facebook

For the 50 best colleges ranked by looks, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

Top 10 Goalies Gone Wild. (Thanks to Robert, of Harnosand, Sweden, for the link.)

Prank Video Of The Day

I'm not even sure this can be classified as a "prank." It's more "inflicting pain on someone for no reason."

Cow Video Of The Day

If you enjoyed yesterday's Cow Video of the Day, wait 'til you see this old clip sent in by Stenson Jarrett, of Toronto.

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