June 25, 2008
The Links
Pete Carroll has that Feminine Charm

USC babes: Pete Carroll and the Song Girls. :: Kirby Lee/US PRESSWIRE : Dustin Snipes/Icon SMI
Pat Ruel needs to check the filter between his brain and his mouth. Or get a date. Or look at some Song Girls. After filling his post as USC offensive line coach, Ruel said of head coach Pete Carroll: "Pete's like a beautiful woman ... He can smile and make you feel like a million dollars."
CWS Update
Fresno State pounded Georgia 19-10 to even the series at 1-1 and force a decisive Game 3 tonight.
Best Late NBA Draft Picks
The NBA draft is rapidly approaching, and while everyone's debating whether Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley will go No. 1, Bleacher Report is thinking about which later pick (specifically, No. 28 or later) will turn out to be a gem. In that mode, it's looking back at the 15 best late-round picks of the past 20 years. Preview: everyone's favorite blogger Gilbert Arenas comes in at No. 3.
Irony Alert of the Day
Pat Riley is concerned about Michael Beasley's character, but has his eye on O.J. Mayo.
Your Search Term: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's name came up in a sexual obscenity trial. :: Mark Wallheiser/Reuters
In order to prove just how popular sexually explicit Web sites are -- and how often they come up as results even for non-sexual searches -- a defense lawyer in a sexual obscenity trial used Tim Tebow's name as a search term. As the article says, "file this under the perils of popularity."
Sports Bras Save Lives
News flash: the sight of a bra attracts male attention. A hiker stranded in the Bavarian Alps for three days was rescued after attaching her sports bra to a cable used to move timber down the mountain.
J.J., Duke Misses You
In today's edition of "Athletes Who Need to be Back in College," Uncoached suggests former Duke sharpshooter J.J. Redick leave Orlando, where's he's averaging just 4.1 ppg, and go back to Durham, where he was a legend among mere mortals.
Zombie Kickball
What better way to enhance a game of kickball than by dousing players in fake blood and making them moan a lot?
Pop Culture Nugget
Lindsay Lohan may have turned a new leaf.
Today in Hot Clicks
Models, Culpepper highlight Madden 09 party ... Spoofing Shaq's rap ... Jheri Curl All-Star team ... Portis needs your help ... Crafty soccer player ... Video: Bike fall ... Gorilla takes on Phil Collins.
Odds and Ends
The worst job at the CWS ... Further examination of college baseball's diversity woes ... Alabama linebacker Jimmy Johns got busted for selling cocaine to undercover investigators ... Five great summer reads ... Celebs dish out life advice.
Videos of the Day
Monster Truck-esque Bus Crash

This is why public transportation vehicles should have seat belts.

Largest Human Peace Sign?

Let's hear it for peace, love and large open fields.

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