August 29, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Getting Your Fill Of Phelps
Emmanuelle Chriqui :: Getty Images

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Entourage needs more Sloane, played by Emmanuelle Chriqui. Instead, however, we'll be getting Michael Phelps. The star of the 2008 Olympics is now set to present at the MTV music awards, host Saturday Night Live and appear in a cameo in the HBO comedy.

The Last Word On Tailgating Ideas

The e-mails about tailgating items haven't stopped coming. With the college season getting under way this weekend, we figured one last mention couldn't hurt. Bryan Kammer, of Davenport, Iowa, plugs the TableGater. Josh, of Norman, Okla., says "For sporting events, you can't beat this!" Ron, of Clifton, Va., comes through with "an interesting product for female tailgaters ... the videos need to be seen to be believed." Chris B., of Anderson, S.C., is all about the "Hitch-N-View." (they probably know what they're talking about) informs us about a grill grate that is laser cut to have college football logos right on the grill. Last, not but least, Boosh Magazine has two pages of tailgating gear that you might want to invest in.

Football Utopia comes up with a list of the best cities in which to watch football, with emphasis given to how the teams will look in the upcoming season.

Rookie Report
Darren McFadden :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If you're interested in NFL rookies or young actresses set to appear in upcoming movies -- or both -- then this post is for you.

Dissing Ali Larter In Whipped Cream=Unforgivable

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes analyzes a disturbing trend in sports movies -- the lead male character always making the wrong choice in the woman he chooses. Speaking of sports films, Movie Time Bombs explains just how easy it is to make a baseball movie.

E-Mail Of The Day

Ryo, of, Bronx, N.Y., writes, "Erin Andrews reported that Mike Davis from South Carolina was reprimanded for breaking into the refrigerator at the team's facilities. Please investigate what he was trying to obtain by breaking into that refrigerator." We heard this report, too, while we were trying to get a glimpse of Erin and rooting for the over 43 -- just for fun, of course. Erin looked mighty fine, as usual; the over 43 was another story. Anyway, we tried to find out just what was in that refrigerator that would make some bend the door, but all we could find, via (gotta love that!) was that Davis just wanted a drink. He must have been real thirsty.

Internet Venting has a tremendous post up titled, "Email Spamming 101: The A-Z Guide To Becoming Human Garbage." Even better than that, is's take on Facebook's annoying "People You May Know" feature. Speaking of Facebook, there's actually gonna be a movie about it.

Campus Clicks
Sophia Bush, Jennifer Garner: Andrew H. Walker,Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Fifteen celebrities who used to be sorority girls ... College's worst of the worst ... Google Image Challenge: Pac-10 Cheerleader Showdown ... Video: Snapple facts.

Facebook Items

Kate Beckinsale fans will want to check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page. We also have an item about celebrity fights we'd like to see.

Sports Video Of The Day

A little something for the opening weekend of the college football season.

Another Sports Video Of The Day

You probably thought there was no way there could be excitement at Kauffman Stadium in late August. You'd be wrong. Check out Jose Guillen trying to go after a fan. (Thanks to Dave, of Orlando Park, for sending the link.)

Pool Basketball Video Of The Day

This dunk is pretty impressive. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Classic Video Of The Day

Our posting of the Soulja Boy/Saved By the Bell video the other day inspired Joe Siara, of Santa Clara, Calif., to remind us of this gem.

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