September 24, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Nomar Garciaparra
Dodgers SS

Michael Turner
Falcons RB

Nick Rimando
Real Salt Lake G

Cortland Finnegan
Titans CB
I always ___before I go to bed Kiss my girls goodnight Wash my face and brush my teeth Kiss my wife and baby boy Say my prayers
Name of my first pet Bosco (poodle) Buster (golden retriever) Salty-Cat Cassius (rottweiler)
Season premiere I waited for all summer Prison Break I Love Money Entourage Grey's Anatomy
All the women I'm attracted to have.... I'm going to leave that one alone Beautiful eyes Style, little makeup and great legs A good personality
Person I'm dying to get into the ring with Chuck Liddell Floyd Mayweather Jennifer Love Hewitt Philip Rivers
Photographs by Dustin Snipes/Icon Sports Media: Dave Martin/AP; Nick Wass/AP; Getty Images

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