August 19, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Gibril Wilson
Dolphins S

Matt Thornton
White Sox P

Darrius Barnes
Revolution D

Maurice Jones-Drew
Jaguars RB
Paula Abdul's next move should be... Stay home and enjoy her money Go to an island and retire Move to America's Got Talent A movie about all the drama in her life
Favorite fast-food dish Jack in the Box cheeseburger Chipotle's Burrito Bowl McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese Super Sonic Burger on Texas Toast
_____ needs to get his own show Lil Wayne Ozzie Guillen Me and [teammates] Kevin Alston and Amaechi Igwe [Teammate] Paul Vance
I absolutely must have... Tupac music on game days My Xbox 360 Clean shoes My Xbox
People say I look like... Dwyane Wade Woody from Toy Story T.I. Sexy
My favorite John Hughes film is... No comment Ferris Bueller's Day Off Dennis the Menace Who? I was born in the 80s
My patience is wearing thin with... The whole health care thing National debt. I'm tired of hearing about it New England weather People who try to get autographs for free and sell them on E-Bay the the Best I Ever Had My trip to London Ford F-350 (truck) Chau Chow's chinese food in Boston My son
Song playing on my iPod right now The Best I Ever Had by Drake None Sacrifice by Lil Wayne The Winner by Drake
Photographs by NFL Photos/Getty Images; Ron Vesely/MLB Photos/Getty Images; Fred Kfoury/Icon SMI; Ken McKimm/Icon SMI

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