August 12, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Brett Favre
We know, we know, again? But c'mon, we had to put the Broadway Brett up here just for old time's sake. Now that he's going to be languishing through a below-.500 season with the Jets we don't think we'll have to worry about him sneaking back into the PCHL again. No matter how many street signs Mayor Bloomberg wants to give him.
2 Michael Phelps
Outside of taking an occasional dip in the water during the summer, we know nothing about swimming, but we can't get enough of Phelps dominating the competition when he gets into the pool. It's the main reason we're watching the Olympics this year and no doubt why these games have been the most watched in awhile.
3 Mark Spitz
So let us get this straight. Spitz gets invited to the offices, but he can't even snag an invite to the Olympics to see Phelps break his record? If we had a little more pull around here we might have sent the seven-time gold medalist to blog about it for us.
4 Bruce Springsteen
There's nothing more American than "The Boss," and while we look forward to hearing him bring down Raymond James Stadium during the halftime of the Super Bowl with Born in the USA, we wish the NFL would have taken the hint Bon Jovi dropped on us and invited them to do the halftime show. Oh, well, maybe next year Jon.
5 Madden 09
How big has the Madden video game phenomenon gotten? Well, for the game's 20th anniversary release, EA took over the Rose Bowl to hold Maddenpalooza, a day long concert event headlined by Busta Rhymes and Good Charlotte (featuring those other Maddens) counting down until the game's release.
6 Kim Kardashian
The only thing crazier than the sight of the release date for Madden evolving into a national holiday is seeing "The Tush" in a game herself. She's being featured in the boxing game Facebreaker and in this preview she is beating up Peter Moore, the president of EA Sports, who is apparently into that sort of thing.
7 LeBron James
You know the only thing I keep thinking about when I hear King James might bolt the NBA for a Russian or Greek team willing to pay him $50 million a year? The season finale of Entourage where Ari and Vince would rather sell Medillin to an Oscar-winning studio for $35 million than to an unknown like Yair Marx for $75 million. Nicky Rubenstein went for the money and ended up looking like a fool. As cliché as it may sound, sometimes there are more important things in life than money.
8 Marisa Miller
We've always been big fans of Miller. Not so much because she's incredibly hot, but is seriously one of the nicest people on the planet. It's nice to see her finally get "recognized" after gracing her first SI Swimsuit cover this year. Her latest gig is shooting a commercial with Brewers all-star Ryan Braun that's going straight to YouTube. The ad's not up yet but you can check out this YouTube clip to hold you over.
9 Michael Vick
We're not sure what the UFL is, but it's just taken the first step in becoming the next XFL if they sign Michael Vick out of jail next year. The only thing they're missing now are those famous XFL cheerleaders and the stellar announcing tandem of Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
10 Jenn Sterger
She'll be sharing the sidelines with another New York newbie this season (oh, what's his name, again?) and we can only hope Joe Namath finds his way to Sterger's microphone during a blowout.

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