August 26, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Chris Chelios
Cheli invited a bunch of his friends to Detroit this week for the first Ilitch Charities Celebrity Golf Classic but found a way to nearly top the event at Oakland Hills the night before. After taking a group that included Kid Rock, John Cusack, Dave Coulier, Cuba Gooding Jr., Laird Hamilton, D.B. Sweeney, John C. McGinley and Cecil Fielder to Comerica Park for B.P. he held a party on the rooftop of his bar across the street with the Stanley Cup. While Lord Stanley wasn't tossed from the roof, the same can't be said for a classic guitar Rock hurled from the three-story building after an impromptu set while sitting on the Cup.
2 Redeem Team
Now that the "Redeem Team" has been, well, redeemed, we can only hope that they don't forget what it takes to win the gold four year from now in London. Call us pessimistic, but after watching how close the final game was, our guess is most of the team will be satisfied with their shiny medals and things will return to the way they've been the past eight years.
3 Warren Sapp/Misty May-Treanor
The image of Sapp attempting to salsa dance may prevent us from watching Dancing With The Stars this season although we'll be sure to turn back after the first week when he's eliminated to see how far Misty May-Traenor gets.
4 Michael Phelps
How big has Phelps gotten? Well, rumors about his love life are beginning to make the tabloids, from kissing Stephanie Rice to getting cozy with Amanda Beard, both fellow swimmers. Both girls denied the reports, which is actually good news because after living in the water for most of his life we'd hope he broadened his horizons a bit. May we suggest Lindsay Lohan.
5 Jessica Simpson
When she's not screening Tony Romo's call log to make sure he's hasn't been talking to Carrie Underwood, Simpson is apparently renovating his new home in Dallas. We're guessing one of the five rooms in the house will be for daddy Joe Simpson so he can let local media know what the happy couple is doing at all times.
6 David Beckham
Becks helped kick-off the countdown to the Olympics in London (only 1,433 days away) during the closing ceremonies in Beijing. While Becks was busy playing alongside Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis, the Galaxy were still a dreadful 6-9-6 back in Los Angeles. Do people still think he's going to revolutionize the way Americans view soccer?
7 Kim Kardashian
After watching the production she put on after cutting her toe, we'd hate to think what would happen if Reggie Bush's girlfriend ever actually had to get stitches. Thankfully, her injury will not prevent her from shaking her famous "Tush" on Dancing With The Stars
8 Angel Matos
The Cuban taekwando athlete and his coach may be suspended from the Olympics for life after Matos kicked a referee in the face in Beijing last week, but there's always room for two in the WWE, where you can actually make a living with such moves.
9 Leryn Franco
Apparently Paraguay's sizzling javelin thrower didn't do much at the Olympics (she missed the qualifying round). Does it really matter? The only thing that matters now is she's apparently going to be at the U.S. Open cheering on her new boyfriend, Novak Djokovic
10 Matt Leinart
Despite what's being reported, we're hearing that Leinart is still the Cardinals' quarterback, and even if he struggles early in the season coach Ken Whisenhunt will give his young signal caller every chance to redeem himself and establish himself as the starter. With Kurt Warner standing behind Leinart, however, we can't imagine the leash will be that long.

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