June 11, 2008
How do sports stars fit in? If I were Kimbo Slice, I'd... One thing that makes me want to scream What's on your wall right now? If I had the day off, I'd probably... If the TV's on at two in the morning, I'm watching...

Lance Berkman
Astros 1B
Can we pass on that one? Popping up with bases loaded and one out A turkey, a deer and a map of Texas Go to the ranch I'm reading, not watching TV

Jay Bruce
Reds CF
Ride the wave Litter Not very much Hang out on my couch SportsCenter

Sean Franklin
Galaxy D
Beat cats all day Traffic on the 405 My diploma Sleep SportsCenter

Carlos Quentin
White Sox LF
Not hit so many people Spiders Nothing Go out on a lake on a boat Classic American Gladiators
Robert Beck/SI; Walter Iooss Jr./SI; Mitchell Layton/Getty Images; Matt Brown/SI

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