June 18, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Brendan Ryan
Cardinals SS

Edwin Jackson
Devil Rays P

Mike Jacobs
Marlins 1B

Clayton Kershaw
Dodgers P
Zohan or Borat Zohan Zohan looks funnier Borat Zohan
Best thing I read last week The back of Aaron Miles's baseball card An article on Lisa Raye The Bible USA Today
Spa treatment I'm dying to get A Jacuzzi and rubdown from our wonderful trainer A mud bath sounds interesting A massage Not into that
The heat makes me want to... Do Slip 'n Slides Get out of it Get naked Swim
CD that should be thrown in the garbage Any of Paris Hilton's I only buy a CD if I heard it's good MC Hammer All of the NOW compilation CD's
Favorite T-Shirt? "I don't have ADD. Oh, look, a bunny rabbit." A white-T Jupiter Low Life Scooby Doo
Number of showers you took today? Two One Two Three
Favorite ballad? Danny Boy Ready or Not, The Fugees Lenny Kravitz, I'll be Waitin' Too many to choose from
Photos: Doug DuKane/Getty Images; Damian Strohmeyer/SI; Dustin Snipes/Icon SMI; Al Tielemans/SI

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