June 25, 2008
How do sports stars fit in? Coldplay, Rihanna or Lil' Wayne _______ has the coolest name in sports Least favorite animal Last movie that you went to see twice People would be surprised to hear I...

Ryan Theriot
Cubs SS
Lil' Wayne, of course Kosuke Fukudome Cat Lord of the Rings Listen to gangsta rap on my iPod

Lisa Leslie
Sparks C
Rihanna Tiger Woods Snake, but I like snakeskin purses The Great Debaters Hate peanut butter

Aaron Cook
Rockies P
Coldplay Chipper Jones Snake Pirates of the Caribbean Will eat a double cheeseburger an hour before I pitch

Justin Duchscherer
Athletics P
I don't listen to any of them Huston Street Cat The Incredible Hulk Read a lot
Photos by Paul Beaty/AP; Todd Bigelow/Aurora; Kevork Djansezian/AP; Ben Margot/AP

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