July 02, 2008
How do sports stars fit in? ____ should play me on the big screen Favorite thing to chew ____ should be added to the dictionary Song I'd love to sing karaoke to I secretly have a crush on...

Luciano Emilio
D.C. United F
Denzel Washington Rib-eye steak Golazo! You're Beautiful by James Blunt Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard

Greg Dobbs
Phillies 1B
Ben Affleck Sugar-free Dubble Bubble Ridiculii Dig by Incubus I'm married. I don't need one

Rashad Floyd
Crush DB
Jamie Foxx Big League Chew Trulybeautiful Ordinary People by John Legend My wife, and it ain't no secret

George Sherrill
Orioles P
Denzel Washington Skoal straight Imus-ism Orioles Magic Jessica Biel
Photographs by Tony Quinn/Getty Images; J. Rebilas/US PRESSWIRE; Jonathan Shoup; Doug DuKane/Getty Images

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