June 17, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Jason Marquis
Rockies P

Jon Lester
Red Sox P

Victoria Azarenka
WTA Player

Ben Zobrist
Rays OF
Tabloid story I refuse to believe Brad Pitt is back with Jennifer Aniston I don't read tabloids Brad Pitt is dating Jennifer Aniston I don't know what's in the tabloids
Dish I should win a culinary award for Anything I put on the BBQ My baked salmon My filet mignon My mac and cheese and fish sticks
_____ has a poker face Simon Cowell [Teammate] Mike Lowell Rafael Nadal [Teammate] Andy Sonnanstine
Other players envy my... Wine. I drink good wine I have no idea Good taste in clothes Nickname. It's Zorilla
______ spends too much time looking in the mirror Tom Cruise [Teammate] Jacoby Ellsbury Paris Hilton Right now, me
Reality show youd like to guest star on American Idol Rob & Big maybe, they look like they have fun, screwing around I dont really watch reality shows and think there are too many of them Extreme Home Makeover. I just like what they do for people
Every time I turn around _____ is always whining Chad Ochocinco. As great a player as he is, he seems like he's never satisfied Dustin Pedroia, theres always something about hitting lasers or the pitcher sucks Someone on the tour is always whining or complaining about something Gabe Gross. Because he loves Auburn, Ala., so much
Favorite thing to put on the grill A burger Probably steak, just grill it up Steak! I love a good cooked steak Just a good backyard burger
Song playing on my iPod right now Everything by Michael Buble Nothing, its dead. Its usually something country Poker Face by Lady Gaga The Tree by my wife Julianna (a Christian rock/alternative singer who just put out her first CD)
Photographs by Brad Mangin/SI; Damian Strohmeyer/SI; Jessica Kluetmeier/SI; Robert Rogers/Getty Images

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