October 29, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Nick Collins
Packers S

Aaron Voros
Rangers C

Steven Jackson
Rams RB

Patrick Lalime
Sabres G
For Halloween I'd like to dress as... Jigsaw Garth from Wayne's World Jesus A bullfrog
Movie that scared me to death The old movie that had three clowns Pet Sematary Halloween Halloween
It's time for Madonna to... Retire and sit down Retire Retire Sing again
I was _____ in a former life Superman A bricklayer Wall Street CEO-tycoon A helicopter pilot
Michael Myers, Jason or Jigsaw? Michael Myers Jigsaw Michael Myers Michael Myers
Favorite piece of jewelry you own My Movado watch My iced-out Breitling Chronograph watch Arnold Schwazenegger All-Star Rolex watch I got when I had my first daughter
Favorite Halloween candy Reese's Pieces Snickers Twix Gum
Favorite artist Lil' Wayne Young Jeezy Jay Z Jack Nicholson
Song that's playing on my iPod right now Victory by Ty Tribbett Amazin by Young Jeezy Swagger Like Us by T.I. Cry for You by September
Photographs by David Stluka/Getty Images; Claus Andersen/Getty Images; John W. McDonough/SI; Bill Wippert/NHLI/Getty Images

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