May 13, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Bryan Namoff
D.C. United D

Matt Garza
Rays P

Chad Dawson

Kevin Slowey
Twins P
An Eminem comeback means... 8 Mile Part II? He's got new ideas The king is back Nothing to me
Dish I'd like to cook with Gordon Ramsay Roast with Yorkshire pudding Chicken mole Gordon who? Rack of lamb
I can't believe ___ is dating ___ Michael Phelps...
Carrie Prejean
Cameron Diaz isn't dating Troy Percival 50 Cent...
Jennifer Morrison... someone besides me
If I were king for a day, I'd ban... Parking tickets Taxes Drugs Crocs
My coach reminds me of... An old Army drill sergeant A college professor My father, Rick St. Nick
For the love of... Luciano Emilio's hair - it's unbeWEAVEable! The game No answer Mike
If I could steal one body part from a teammate it would be... Chris Pontius' shoulders Joe Nelson's.. he knows what it is Glen Johnson's chin Joe Nathan's goatee
I wish ____ wasn't so taboo Me being on twitter Honest answers No answer Talking to a pitcher while he's throwing a no-hitter
Song playing on my iPod right now Sideways by Citizen Cope 2 of America's Most Wanted by Tupac The Way I Am by Eminem White Room by Eric Clapton
Photographs by Tony Quinn/MLS/Getty Images; Chuck Solomon/SI; Isaac Brekken/AP; Bruce Kluckhohn/Getty Images

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