August 26, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Stanford Keglar
Titans LB

Jayson Foster
Ravens WR

Juan Diaz

Tyrell Sutton
Packers RB
_____ is a good girl gone bad Jessica Simpson Britney Spears Angelina Jolie Rihanna
Pairs of sneakers I own About 40 At least 10 10 About 20
_____ is the next big thing UFC Twitter Obama's health-care plan Lower gas prices
Artist I've seen the most in concert Never been to a concert Rapper Pastor Troy Rapper Baby Bash Lil Wayne
Guilty pleasure dance song Looking for the Perfect Beat by Africa Bambaata 2 Step by DJ Unk Whatever You Like by T.I. Poker Face by Lady Gaga
______ is a Mad Man Kyle Vanden Bosch because of his aggressive style Ravens running back Ray Rice The Joker. For trying to mess with Batman Nick Barnett is crazy. You see the way he dresses. He's all over the place
I Gotta Feeling... about "this season" The Ravens are going to be a pretty good team this year The ice cream I'm going to eat is going to be the best ever. Long training camp I'm going to say something real stupid on this thing that might embarrass me
My coach had the personality of... Robert DiNiro Brian Demeron. He loves to reminisce Of a villain. He has the good and bad guy personality Bipolar. He'll yell at you one second, then he'll be nice
Song on iPod right now Where you From by TN All-Stars T.I. songs Mann by Big Mo Gravity by John Mayer
Photographs by Joe Robbins/Getty Images; NFL Photos/Getty Images; Thomas B. Shea/Icon SMI; NFL Photos/Getty Images

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